From the Editor: The Beginning of a New eZine and the Rebirth of OS/2!

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From OS2eCS Organization

by Jeramie Samphere

Welcome to the very first issue of OS2eCS eZine! It has been awhile since the OS/2 community has had an online magazine or newsletter published. The last OS2eZine was published in December 2004 and the last VOICE Newsletter was August 2005! So we here at the OS2eCS Organization decided it was time to "get the ball rolling again"!

With eComStation v2 Beta released just a few days ago...we have many exciting things ahead of us! For a complete article on what is forthcoming in eComStation v2 check out these articles:

With IBM officially pulling OS/2 support and availability as of December 23, 2005--the "OS/2 is dead" mantra in the mainstream IT press is alive again! This is no shock to those of us who have followed IBM's Road Map for OS/2 and its sun setting plans. Despite this news, OS/2 is more alive today than ever...reborn as "eComStation", an OEM version of OS/2 that is greatly enhanced and being metamorphosed into a current state-of-the-art operating system. According to Bob St. John, Director of Business Development for Serenity Systems International..."there is no end in sight" for eComStation! So as a community we have much to look forward to in 2006 and the years ahead! eComStation today is a more viable platform in terms of ease of use, productivity, compatibility with current hardware, and legacy support than any other x86 platform operating system available for sale today!

The goal of OS2eCS eZine will be to keep its readers up-to date on the latest software and news related to the eComStation platform while highlighting its many benefits such as productivity, performance, and security! Our goal is to publish a quarterly online magazine to keep the OS/2 community and new users aware of the benefits of the latest OS/2 technologies.

We invite you to participate by sending any articles or comments you would like to contribute to our editor. Articles need to be nothing other than plain text files. We can handle the formatting and editing of the article for publication. We hope this will encourage more article contributions by keeping it simple. Any screen shots or pictures are preferred to be in png format.

This is our very first issue, so please bear with us, with any errors or omissions. It has been a rush to get this issue out in time for the holidays!

Again, welcome to our first issue! We hope you enjoy this and many more issues to come!

Jeramie Samphere, editor of OS2eCS eZine, is a long time user of OS/2 since Warp 3 in 1995. He uses OS/2 and eComStation exclusively in his company, leveraging existing hardware infrastructure as well as new hardware.