G4501 - OS/2 Communications Networking Workshop

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4 days


Learn how to install and configure Communications Manager/2 on OS/2 workstations to communicate with S/390 hosts and AS/400 systems. Using hands-on labs, this course will give you the experience you need to support PC networks running OS/2 Communications Manager/2.


After completing this course, you should be able to:

   Describe the environment in which Communications Manager/2 operates
   Install and configure 3270 emulation to a VTAM host
   Install and configure 3270 Gateway support for a VTAM host
   Install and configure 5250 emulation to an AS/400 system using Token-Ring
   Relate and match Communications Manager/2 configuration parameters to the appropriate S/390 or AS/400 definitions
   Use Communications Manager/2 problem determination tools
   Describe APPC (Advanced Program-to-Program Communications) and CPI-C (Common Programming Interface for Communications) support and environments
   Configure APPN (Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking) connections in an OS/2 network
   Configure the Communications Manager/2 Distributed Feature workstation function 

What you will learn

   Communications Manager/2 Installation
   3278/79 Display Emulation (graphics, cut/paste, file transfer)
   3287 Printer Emulation (queues, drivers)
   APPN and APPC Concepts and Configuration
   5250 Display Emulation
   Problem Determination and Network Management 

Note: Software distribution will not be discussed in this course. For information on software distribution, refer to:

   DSM: Remote Software Installation Using CID (G3815) 


Individuals who are responsible for configuring OS/2 Communications Manager/2 profiles to communicate with S/390 VTAM hosts or AS/400 systems.


Before taking this course, you should be able to:

   Navigate around the OS/2 Workplace Shell
   Operate the OS/2 System Editor
   Describe SNA terms such as LU2, LU3 and PU2, PU4 at a basic level 

These skills can be developed by taking:

   OS/2 Warp V3 Using and Customizing (PS600) 


  • Not Available