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Gif text.gif

GIF_text for OS/2 (ver 1.3c) converts text strings into.GIF images. Using one of the several included "alphabyte" it's easy to make attractive banners, headers, and other messages.

Some of GIF_TEXT's features include:

  • dynamically generate time and date using one of several REXX formats. - you can use GIF_TEXT as a graphical digital-clock for your web pages.
  • backgrounds can be added to your message
  • addition of new "alphabytes" is easy - and with a little bit of effort, you can even use true-type fonts.
  • GIF messages can be created using any TTF font
  • messages can be sized to specific height and width
  • messages can contain several lines of text, and can contain embedded font changes
  • character specific scaling
  • color slides, color gradients, or foreground images can be used to color the text; with probability and original-color-value based transformation rules.
  • using included HTML FORM documents, it's easy to create images - including "buttons with text"
  • a FORM based HTML front-end is included
  • when used with SRE-http, a "download pieces as they become available" mode can be used to speed up perceived throughput

GIF_text (which is written in REXX) can be run from an OS/2 command prompt, as a CGI-BIN script, or as an addon for the SRE-http web server. It's optimized for SRE-http, but should work under any CGI-bin compliant OS/2 web server.