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It is GNOME for OS/2. Exactly it's the port of GNOME to XFree86OS/2. GNOME is an whole environment for XFree, that means it comes along with a lot of LIBs and also with a lot of applications based on these LIBs. GNOME is based on the GTK engine and can be used with all Windowmanagers, but it prefer a Windowmanager that fulfills some special restrictions like the Enlightnemnet.

First of all I want to thank all people that port X programs to OS/2 with this page. Especially Platon Fomichev and Hung-Chi Chu for porting GNOME. And as a lot of ports are made in Asia or Russia I want to mirror the needed files here, so people from the US and much other countries have a faster access.

Program Description Urgency Status Comments
gnome core base package with panel ++
GNUCash personal finance accounting application ++
GNOME Photo Digital Camera Software ++ Nearly ready to be published!
gAIM AOL Instant Messenger clone. Program with the goal of ICQ. ++
gftp easy to use ftp using 2 connections + 80% stopped for a few week (pthread error)
Floyd VRML 1.0/2.0 viewer +
Gnumeric spreadsheet +
SodiPodi Vector Drawing +
Code Commander Syntax Highlighting Editor for Programmers etc. +
go wordprocessing (not far enough developed to be interesting) -
++ very high priority
+ high priority
0 normal priority
- low priority
-- very low priority



Gnome base


  • GTK (> 1MB) 1.2.8 GIMP TOOL KIT, the user interface used by GNOME apps
  • GLib 1.2.8
  • Orbit
  • Libs (> 1MB) 1.0.53
  • Lib-XML 1.4.0
  • SHM
  • Zlib
  • TTFlib
  • GetText
  • GIFlib
  • TIFFlib
  • PNGlib
  • JPEGlib
  • Imlib 1.9.8 Updated version
  • Imlib2 1.0.3
  • evas 1.0.3 Needed for gozer.
  • ImageMagick 4.2.2


  • Doc (> 1MB) 1.0.53 only needed by programmers
  • Lib-Panel 1.0.9 To use the Panel you need CORE first, but this is needed by some other progs, too
  • GTK-Engine 0.8 needed for GTK-Themes
  • gtk-BlueSteel a GTK-Theme


  • Gnome Games (> 1MB) (> 1MB)
  • Gnome Utils 1.09 a few nice utils (calculator etc.)
  • Gnome Control Center 1.0.5 Configuration Tool
  • E/2 Config 0.15 Configuration Tool for Enlightenment
  • Gnome Midnight Commander Filemanager ~Desktop (does not work on every system)
  • SCI Graphica 0.6.1 SciGraphica is a scientific application for data analysis and technical graphics. A killer app!
  • Glimmer 0.9.19 Called CodeCommander before! Very powerfull programmers Editor! Highlighting support for: Ada, Bash/Sh, C/C++, DTML, HTML, Java, Latex, GNU Make, Object Caml, Perl, PHP, PO (Language Translation), Python, Lisp (guile, scheme, etc), SGML, SQL, Tcl/Tk, WML, XML, and Z80 Assembly.
  • Python 1.5.2 Programming Language, needed for some apps like SCI Graphica, X-Chat and Glimmer.
  • X-Chat 1.6.1 Coolest chat program I know
  • G-Napster Napster clone
  • GPhoto 0.4.3 Digital Camera transfer utility.
  • LICQ 0.85 Cool ICQ clone with Plugins (needs EMX FIX)
  • EE - Patch ZIP - or Patch BZIP2. 0.3.11 ElectricEyes: Graphic viewer
  • X-ScrSvr (>1MB) 3.0.9 X-ScreenSaver: VERY nice screen savers, some even with 3D
  • GLAD 0.5.5 GTK/GNOME GUI builder (Gnome binary).
  • GLAD 0.5.11 GTK/GNOME GUI builder (normal binary).
  • GNP 1.2.0 pre 5 GNOME Note Pad: Editor with HTML functions
  • SPRUC 0.5.4 GTK emailer !!!
  • PAVUK Web Mirroring Tool with a lot of features. (call "pauk -X" to run it with GNOME-interface)
  • ICON Edit - GDKPixBuf 0.8.0 - 1.0.0 Nice small ICON Editor. Need GDKPIXBuf
  • DIA/2 Dia Homepage 0.8.5 DIA is a flowchart tool/diagram editor
  • GTK See 0.5.0 Graphic viewer/browser
  • X-Warpzilla 0.8 The Webbrowser for XFree86OS/2
  • gozer Information will follow.
  • gSokoban gSokoban is a sokoban clone, what is a game for your brain.


  • Bin (> 6MB) 1.2.1 Theese are the basic packages you need for "GNU Image Manipulation Program".
  • Data (> 1MB) 1.2.1
  • Extra (> 4MB) 1.2.0
  • X-Scanimage 1.1.30 Scan is the X-Scanimage plugin used with SANE (test it!!!)
  • Prog 1.2.0 Prog is only needed by programmers
  • PlugIn Source 1.1.15
  • Man (>15MB) 1.1.8 Man is the manual in HTML, GNOME is needed to use the Helpbrowser read it.