Green motherboard does not boot

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Last update: 10th February, 1996


Warp does not boot


Green VLB 486 board with AMI BIOS 7-02-95




I don't know if this will end up helping anyone out there but I have recently upgraded my motherboard to a generic green VLB 486 board and found that Warp would not boot unless I disabled the external cache. I didn't like that solution so I started playing around with the settings (quite blindly) and discovered that setting the waits states to their highest setting (3) on the external cache allowed it to boot, but it would usually hard lock after a few moments of use. Then I set the Local Ready delay to 1T (from 0t) and have not crashed since.

Note: I found that it was also necessary to switch the chipset Auto-config option off... it must not like the auto-config very well.

By Walter Tallent

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