HSS Releases Footprints v2.0

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Hardy Software Systems, Inc. has released an OS/2 real-time trace facility, Footprints v2.0. Footprints lets a developer capture real-time data and monitor a live process. Footprints consists of a DLL and a Presentation Manager executable. Developers use Footprints by including a header and linking to a DLL. The Dynamic Link Library contains four API calls used to implement tracing: initialize, terminate, trace, and check-trace. Using these C function calls, developers trace by assigning various data to any of the 64 trace IDs. Developers can also use the Check Trace feature to implement their own run-time debugging code.

Footprints also archives selected data. During production runs, all tracing is ignored, with the exception of developer-selected error messages. During the development cycle, or when the user reports a problem, tracing can be activated from an external Presentation Manager interface. The user can turn on any or all of 64 various trace IDs to monitor and archive data or effect the logic flow of the program being traced. The user can then duplicate a reported problem and send the archive file to the developer for analysis.

Footprints v2.0 requires OS/2 v2.0 or later and supports 16-bit and 32-bit C/C++ compiler for OS/2. A single-user license is $99. For more information contact Hardy Software Systems, Inc., 4801 Woodway, Suite 415W, Houston, TX 77056; (713) 871-1448; FAX: (713) 871-1449; e-mail: usib5srq@ibm-mail.com.