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HTML Wizard
HTMLWizard 01.png
Version 1.60 (Aug 1996)
Author Dirk Terrell
License Public Domain

HTML Wizard is a slick, full-featured HTML editor for OS/2 that puts all the features you could ever need at your fingertips via a customizable floating Tagbar. Features include convenient forms and image configuration dialogs, as well as easy access to HTML-excluded and accented characters.

HTML Wizard is a 32-bit, multi-threaded, and Workplace Shell-integrated HTML editor for OS/2. HTML Wizard is designed for people who are familiar with HTML and don't like irritating "WYSIWYG" editors that try to hide the HTML from you. It was designed from the beginning to use the powerful capabilities of the OS/2 operating system.


It has features that greatly simplify HTML coding such as:

  • Editing multiple files
  • A floating Tagbar that gives you one-click access to HTML tags
  • Programmable buttons on the Tagbar to give you the ability to extend the program to fit your needs
  • Automated previewing with Web Explorer
  • Built-in Weblint syntax checker
  • Transparent handling of non-English characters for creating documents in other languages
  • Drag and Drop support for image and text files as well as Web Explorer URL objects
  • Automatic detection of WIDTH and HEIGHT attributes for GIF and JPEG images
  • Background dialog makes setting text and background colours trivial (no more looking up hex codes)
  • "Save Without Tags" feature strips HTML tags out of files