Hitachi CD-ROM (proprietary CDR-3600)

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Last Updated: 11th February, 1995


Under previous versions of OS/2, the ISA driver for the Hitachi CDR-3600 was quite stable. After upgrading to Warp, I found most CD-ROM directories and file names scrambled. The Warp installation CD-ROM was not usable on my system.


8 Hitachi CDR-3600 proprietary CD-ROM drives attached to a Hitachi CD-IFI8-S 8-bit (proprietary) adapter card. 486-66 clone system, nothing remarkable...


Unknown. The previously stable CD-ROM, adapter, driver and computer combination became unstable after upgrading to Warp.


On my system (in the CMOS settings) slowing the expansion bus speed to a value less than 8 Mhz solved the problem. Changing adapter port settings, IRQs and disabling IRQ usage on the adapter (used polling) did nothing to resolve the problem.


I haven't seen any updated Hitachi drivers (HITCDISA.ADD) on FTP sites. My driver: HITCDISA.ADD dated 5-11-93

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