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This is just a suggestion page for Hobbes files sharing site improvements:


1) Changing upload from FTP to HTML (Eliminating Anonymous FTP).

I will like to suggest to keep both options. That people can upload via anonymouse ftp and via HTML too. Once people get used to use HTML to upload files, it will be interesting to see if people stills uses ftp, if not, it will be a good time to phase out the ftp anonymous uploading.

What about ftp? Is people still downloading files via ftp, or only via http? It will be interesting to read what his statistics say about how users download files from their site.

2) Changing Structure of the Archive.

The structure of the archive needs updating, but not a major overhauling. I was thinking some days ago how to organize hobbes and I created this draft structure in Freemind (please see the files attached). This (like eveything) is open to discussion.

3) Changing Look/Feel of the front-end website.

This was the point where I don't know a solution. I tried to find a decent and modern solution for file sharing, the way hobbes works and I can not find anything interesting. I don't know if the people at hobbes can do some development to improve their site, or if we can discuss an interesting script (preferably open source) that can be used in hobbes.

The idea is to have the simplicity that have hobbes, organized by folders and inside the directories have the filename, description, date and type/size.

Upload via HTML had to be also included in the site. Plus an easy way to administrate the files and upload the description.

File Sharing Scripts Available

  • PHP scripts from Hot Scripts [1]
  • Open Upload [2]
  • Daddy's File Host [3]
  • 10+ Best Free Web Based File Management Scripts Written in PHP [4]