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(Do not confuse with Holger Veith)

Studied electrical engineering at the University of Duisburg. He got a PhD in EE. Worked from 1993-1997 at GMD, AiS institute on HW/SW Codesign. Also worked on a distributed blackboard system in the R-Teams project, sponsored by the REAL WORLD COMPUTING Partnership.

Contact Information

Dr. Holger Veit
FhG-AiS - Fraunhofer Institute for Autonomous intelligent Systems
Schloß Birlinghoven
53754 Sankt Augustin


  • Thunking with DOSCALL1
  • Aurora's KEE32 API Documentation
  • Dos32Profile API
  • Dos32QuerySysState API
  • Live and Let Die :-) (to kill immortal processes)
  • Some DevHlps IBM forgot to document


  • XFree86 for OS/2
  • XF86 Support device driver.
  • Imake for OS/2
  • XFree86/OS2 Programmer's Kit
  • RPC for EMX
  • Death - Open Source