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Hot Scroll
Version 1.1 (Nov 1998)
Author Samuel Audet
License BSD-3-Clause (alike)

Hot Scroll does about the same thing as Microsoft IntelliMouse (and FlyWheel), Logitech FirstMouse+/MouseMan+, Mouse Systems ProAgios/ScrollMouse, Kinsington Internet Mouse, Fellowes Browser, Genius EasyScroll/NetScroll/NetMouse, and IBM ScrollPoint, but instead of using a second roller or button, it uses the mouse movement itself requiring no special hardware. Also, Hot Scroll works for both horizontal and vertical scrolling AT THE SAME TIME in all available OS/2 applications. Hot Scroll scrolls much easier than with Scroll Bars.

Supports different type of scrolling:

  • Normal Scrolling, as if your mouse were scrolling when keeping down the Scroll Bar, but without the need to actually use the Scroll Bars.
  • Timer Scrolling, like in StarOffice 5.0 (or Microsoft Office 97) where the speed of scrolling depends on how far from the initial position the mouse is

Supports different activation methods:

  • Scroll Lock mode which puts Hot Scroll in constant scroll mode leaving both the mouse and keyboard free
  • Temporary Keyboard and Mouse key and button combination activation using about any key and button supported by OS/2 drivers as such
  • Display of a cursor (icon file) for Timer Scrolling
  • Changing of the mouse pointer while Hot Scroll is active

Supports many options:

  • Disabling of either horizontal or vertical scrolling
  • Mouse Leash
  • No Focus Lock which changes the scrolling window when changing keyboard focus while in Scroll Lock mode
  • Reversed Scrolling
  • Fake Dynamic Scrolling which permits some applications such as E.EXE, DeScribe and FaxWorks to finally have dynamic scrolling
  • Control the speed of scrolling
  • Non-Proportional scrolling which makes scrolling speed independant of the amount of data
  • Complete control over Timer Scrolling Options

These options can be enabled or disabled for a specific EXE.