How to Configure the Logitech USB Wheel Mouse under OS/2

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by Domingos Rocha


  • Main board: Asus K7V
  • Chipset: VIA KX133 (VIA VT8371 & VT82C686A)

Required Drivers

  1. Mouse: Logitech Wheel Mouse USB (Model M-BD58) <>
  2. Drivers: USB basic system drivers <>
  3. USB Mouse driver: <>
  4. XR_D002 Base Device Driver FixPak released: <>
  5. Scroll Mouse driver pak: <>


  1. Install USBBASIC and don't reboot yet!
  2. Unpack XR_D002, find the same files installed by USBBASIC and overwrite them. Now reboot.
  3. install USBMOUSE and don't reboot yet!
  4. find in unpacked XR_D002 the same files installed by USB MOUSE and overwrite them. Now reboot.
  5. You'd have the mouse working now. Let's get the scroll thing to work: install SCROLLMS and reboot.
  6. Done!

The middle-button function does not work with this set of drivers. Maybe with that one, $paid$, from Software Choice...

This is a really nice hardware. The scroll wheel helps a lot, and not only inside a browser. Working on virtually any plain surface and not needing a pad (it is optical), this mouse is a relief to your hand and wrist.