How to Install the USB Audio Driver

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By Wolfgang Draxler

To install this driver you must first install the USB-Basic and the MMPM/2.

  1. You must download the file and extract into a new directory (e.g.G:\usb-audio). When this done, you get following files: cardinfo.dll, control.scr, genin.dll, geninmri.dll, usbaudio.hlp, usbaudio.ico, usbaudio.scr, usbaudio.sys, usbaudio.txt,
  2. Then open a OS/2-Shell and go to this directory.
  3. Start the program MINSTALL and you see following Window:
  4. Select USB Audio Adapter in the Listbox
  5. Now press the Button Install or Installieren
  6. When the install routine is ready, you must restart the computer.

In the Config.sys-File you found now a new entry:


In the Multimedia Configuration you find the information about the USB-Audio-System: USB Wave audio 2 and USB MIDI 2. In the File usbaudio.txt, there are any information about the driver.