How to add SMP support to Warp 4

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by Timo Maier‎

Because I don't have a SMP system I didn't test the following myself.

  • Install a Warp 4 system with fixpak 15 (build 14.062).
  • Get the following files from WSeB fixpak 2: OS2LDR, OS2KRNL, DOSCALL1.DLL (unpack the files LDRSMP.___, DCALLSMP.___ and KRNLSMP.___ from FIX\OS2.3 using unpack2.exe)
  • Get OS2APIC.PSD from WSeb Fixpak 2 (unpack FIX\OS2.1\OS2APIC.PS_)
  • Get the following file from WSeB (eCS, MCP, ACP?): PMDD.SYS download
  • Replace the original OS2KRNL, OS2LDR, and DOSCALL1.DLL with the SMP version of these files
  • Copy OS2APIC.PSD to OS2\BOOT of the Warp 4 system
  • Replace OS2\BOOT\PMDD.SYS with the WSeB version of the file
  • Append PSD=OS2APIC.PSD as first line to the Warp 4 CONFIG.SYS
  • Reboot the system and enjoy!