How to build a rocksolid Warp Server english

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By Timo Maier‎

Use only high quality hardware

I have positive experience with

Take care of a good cooling.


  • Install Warp Server (Advanced)
  • Install HPFS386
  • Install Fixpack 43
  • Install Netscape 4.04 (not 2.02 and not 4.61)
  • Install the Feature Installer
  • Install Java 1.1.8
  • Install the latest Java update
  • Install TCP/IP 4.1 (slow link, use shift click to download)
  • Install MTPS fix 8610
  • Install MTPS fix 8620
  • Install TCP/IP fix 2001
  • Install Warp Server Fix 8532

Post Installation - Optimize your config.sys

  • remove everything you don't need (like MMOS2, APM, WinOS/2 and DOS)
  • set protectonly=yes
  • set use_hosts_first=1
  • adapt the set TZ according to you timezone (use TIME868 to get you TZ string)

Useful stable software

  • FileCommander text mode file manager. The best!
  • FTE textmode editor.
  • ADUNET/2 satisfies the admins daily needs
  • RSched to schedule cron jobs
  • GTAK and GTAR for backup with the streamer

Useful server software

Useful client software

  • Win NT, 2000, XP Logon Client (use shift click to download)

Things I wouldn't do

  • Don't touch it if you don't have to.
  • Don't test any new software.
  • Use only software which has proven to be stable.
  • Don't use Netscape or any other browser on you server.
  • Don't use your primary Warp Server as a printserver. It's not stable enough.