How to guide for Enlightenment/2 and Windowmaker/2

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By Christoph Vogelbusch

The Following steps are only NO-FAIL steps. That means you do not have to do it that way, but that way has proven to work. The description shows first what to do than "how to do". The "how to do" means you have to be in a shell, e.g. OS/2 window and the downloaded files are on the root of your system drive while it is supposed that the system drive is C: else please exchange C: through your system drive. (Some times here is used a * instead of mentioning all the different names, this can be used as long as there are no other ZIPs in your root than the mention ones. If you do not have unzip.exe get it from and run it to extract it. Last copy at least the 'unzip.exe' to your path (e.g. C:\OS2).

I. Installation sections (remove the downloaded files after the installation)

1) Steps for installation

Location = 
Files = download these
" " = enter these lines in a shell (without ")
' ' = enter these string in the mentions position (without ')
Enlightenment/2 (optional)
required section: everything
optional Files: epplets (+MESA), E/2 Config

Step (Unzippping)

  • Got to the root of your system drive: e.g. C:\
"cd \"

and unzip all E/2-archives

"unzip *"

Step (Start Enlightenment and ESD default)

  • Open your \XFree86\lib\X11\xinit\xinitrc.cmd "e C:\XFree86\lib\X11\xinit\xinitrc.cmd"
  • search for the line 'twm' (Ctrl+F) and exchange 'twm' through 'enlightenment'. Add 'detach ESD.EXE -public -terminate'.
  • Note: Both lines need the ' ' this time!!!
  • Note: You may also remove the lines that are starting xman, xclock, xterm
  • Now you can save and exit.

(Enlightenment/2 will work on next Xfree86OS/2 start)

Note: On the middle mouse button menu you can find 'regenerate menus' under 'maintenance'.

Troubleshooting Tips

New Installation

If you have problems with a new installation, try to delete .enlightenment in your home directory.

XFree86 3.3.5

You can use E/2 with XFree86 3.3.5 but without a fixed server TTF support is missing. To add TTF support you can use XFSTT. Here is the page with the How To Use XFSTT


To switch to completely BlueSteel (You need GTK-Engine and E/2):

  • Download BlueSteel.etheme to XFree86\lib\X11\enlightenment\themes
  • Unzip the GTK-Theme ZIP to your X/2 root
  • Run: "copy X:\XFree86\share\themes\BlueSteel\gtk\.gtkrc %HOME%
  • Now you have only to enter E/2 and select blue Steel from the Themes (3rd Mouse Button)

Or get the GNOME Control Center to install (needs GNOME).

More Tips

Using X-Apps from a network-computer:

  • Start X
  • Press Ctrl+ESC to return to PM
  • Connect to the computer you wish through ssh or telnet
  • run an xterm (xterm &)
  • Now you can switch to X (through tasklist) and use the xterm to run apps

note: if you've used ssh the further usage of the xterms and other apps is still secured

... install Windowmaker

  • Unzip all necessary files or use the WPI Package.
  • Edit the file xinitrc.cmd (in the directory XFree86/lib/X11/xinit). Replace the lines containing the name of your window manager (e.g. icewm.exe or twm.exe) by wmaker.exe.
  • Run the install script /XFree86/bin/wmaker-inst.cmd. These step is not needed if you use the wpi-package, it is done automatically.

How to report bugs for Enlightenment/2

Bugs of E/2 are mostly 2 types - critical, which causes Segmentation Faults, E/2 not starting and so on and common.

If you think you've found a bug, do not hesitate to mail the author (Platon Fomichev), however please do not write something like "I have big bad bug, E/2 crashes,please help." Please

  • 1'st tell him ALL about your computer (Processor, Video, RAM)
  • 2'nd OS/2 things - OS/2 version, Fixpack, X version, EMX version
  • 3'rd - E/2 things - E version, E executable size and date.

Also plz attach config.sys and xf86config if you have a grave bug.