How to know your OS/2 or eComStation IP address

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Local IP

If you want to know your local network assigned IP there are some tools that can help you.


If you want to know your OS/2 or eComStation IP assigned address you can use the following command.

ifconfig lan0

This command will show the IP address assigned to your first network adapter.

        inet  netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast


There is also netstat:

netstat -a

It will show you something similar to:

addr Interface 9 mask 0xff000000 broadcast
Multicast addrs:

addr Interface 0 mask 0xffffff00 broadcast
Multicast addrs:


There is also a Presentation Manager (GUI) application called dhcpmon.exe that you can run. It will open an application showing your local network IP:


External - Internet IP

Sometimes you want to know your external IP, the one that the world sees from you and not necessary your local network.


You can get this tool from hobbes. This is a command tool will show you your external IP.

WebSites that shows you your IP

You can always use some web page that provides you the service to know your "Internet IP" like: