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IBM AntiVirus
Version 3.0 (Aug 1997)
Vendor IBM
License IPLA

IBM AntiVirus is a family of products for anti-virus protection in personal computer environments, including DOS, Windows, OS/2, Windows 95, Windows NT, and Novell NetWare.


IBM AntiVirus offers you the security of knowing that there's an effective barrier between your PC and any viruses that attempt to infect it. It was designed and supported by IBM scientists.

IBM AntiVirus is also one of the easiest virus protection solutions to use. Its clear graphical interface and simple, install- and-forget operation make state-of-the-art virus protection a true "no-brainer."

IBM AntiVirus is literally packed with features that make it easy to keep your PC virus-free, including automatic installation, automatic scanning, advanced memory-resident detection, throughout system examination, heuristic analysis, neural network technology, file change detection, regular virus updates and more. It offers full verification of viruses before disinfection and advanced false alarm elimination for an extra margin of safety.

  • Detects more than 6,000 viruses - including polymorphic and stealth viruses
  • Offers regular virus protection updates to detect and eliminate new viruses
  • Includes a flexible scheduler for automatic system scanning
  • Runs on DOS, Windows and OS/2, including Warp!
  • Checks diskette boot sectors automatically for viruses
  • Records all actions performed by IBM AntiVirus using built-in Activity Log
  • Features heuristic analysis to detect previously unknown viruses
  • The DOS Shield allows critical applications to run safely - even if infected - without risk of spreading the infection
  • Incorporates neural network technology to detect unknown boot sector viruses
  • Alerts user (optionally) when suspended virus activity occurs
  • Reduces false alarms dramatically using advanced false alarm elimination technology
  • Verifies a suspected virus definitively before initiating disinfection procedures
  • Removes most viruses automatically without damaging the underlying application program or data
  • Includes comprehensive online documentation and help - with extensive virus descriptions - as well as printed documentation
  • Does not require you to be a virus expert
  • Maintains a similar "look and feel" under DOS, Windows and OS/2 - if you know one version, you know them all
  • Permits you to specify how often the program should automatically scan for viruses

System Requirements

IBM PC or PS/2 or compatible, with 640 RAM (DOS & Windows) installed and one of the following:
2.6MB disk space (DOS & Windows)
1.6MB disk space (DOS only)
1.5MB disk space (OS/2)
OS/2: IBM OS/2 Version 2.0 or above


(Dec 1994)
5622-831 (Sep 1995)
5622-831 (Feb 1996)
(Aug 1996)
(Aug 1997 - Jun 1998)
  • Desktop Edition
  • Professional Edition
  • Academic Edition
  • Enterprise Edition


  • 295-358 IBM AntiVirus Desktop Edition and Enterprise Edition - Premier Protection for Today's Computing