IBM Begins Shipping OS/2 Version 2.0 Operating System

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WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., March 31, 1992... IBM today delivered OS/2* Version 2.0, its powerful, yet easy-to-use operating system that opens new doors in personal computing and lets users manage information in ways more productive and pleasing.

OS/2 Version 2.0, which began shipping to customers today, delivers three operating environments - DOS, Windows and OS/2 - in a single package, offering unique value and flexibility. Special introductory prices, including a $49 offer for Windows** users and a $99 upgrade price for any DOS user, are part of IBM's plan to firmly establish OS/2 2.0 as the PC operating system of the 90's.

OS/2 2.0 also introduces the Workplace Shell*, a graphical user interface (GUI) that brings to the IBM-compatible PC a superior look and feel. Its elegant design delivers advanced function with enticing drag-and-drop simplicity. In addition to native OS/2 programs, OS/2 allows users to run familiar PC applications for DOS and Windows in a far more stable environment.

"The release of OS/2 2.0 is the PC industry's most significant advance since the introduction of the IBM PC 10 years ago," says James A. Cannavino, IBM vice president and general manager of the Personal Systems line of business. "Just as they did a decade ago, today's users can experience powerful productivity gains immediately."


Capable of exploiting today's advanced hardware, 32-bit OS/2 2.0 offers true multitasking, allowing concurrent execution of multiple software programs. OS/2 2.0 ships with over 25 utility, entertainment and personal productivity mini-applications ("Applets") such as a Calendar, NotePad, Calculator and To-Do List. Adobe Type Manager** for both Windows and OS/2 environments is also included.

"As a result of our new open development paradigm, we are delivering a terrific and compelling product that was shaped by customers at 30,000 sites through one of the most extensive beta test programs in the industry," says Lee Reiswig, assistant general manager of programming, IBM Personal Systems. "We are shipping today what others are still promising and are committed to continually enhance this leading edge product through the 90s."

OS/2 2.0 is an ideal platform for a client and server networking environment, providing superior function, performance and reliability. OS/2 networking offerings include LAN Server, NetWare** from IBM and Extended Services. OS/2 LAN Server 2.0 and Extended Services will be available on April 10, 1992. Extended Services consists of Database Manager and Communications Manager.


Currently, there are more than 17,000 DOS, 4,900 Windows and 2,500 16-bit OS/2 applications available. With tens of thousands of applications to choose from, OS/2 2.0 users have access to a tremendously broad range of software programs.

In addition, more than 1,000 software vendors are developing 32-bit applications for delivery in 1992, including Lotus, Borland, WordPerfect and Novell. There are also more than 250 development tool products available for OS/2.

To ensure that OS/2 2.0 will run on IBM-compatible PC platforms, IBM has established a major original equipment manufacturer (OEM) test laboratory in Boca Raton, Fla., in addition to its OEM test lab in Basingstoke, England. At this moment, over 100 OEM models have passed OS/2 2.0 compatibility tests, including models from Compaq, Dell, CompuAdd, AST and Tandy.

As part of IBM's intention to support OEM 386- and 486-based platforms, the company will work with all users who may experience compatibility issues in the first 90 days of use and, if a resolution is not possible, the customer will be reimbursed.


OS/2 2.0 will be distributed as a single shrink-wrapped package which will include IBM service and support for IBM and OEM equipment. All users of OS/2 2.0 will receive:

  • Free 60-day support via a toll-free number; and
  • Technical information and message exchange through commercial bulletin board services, including Compuserve and IBMLINK electronic support.

This service can be extended for a nominal fee. In addition, OS/2 2.0 will be supported by IBM's HelpWare*, 1-800-PS2-2227, the most comprehensive customer satisfaction offering in the PC industry. Users can order OS/2 2.0 via a toll-free number, 1-800-3-IBM-OS2.

IBM today also announced several introductory promotions. Through the OS/2 direct order toll-free number, the following promotional prices will be available until July 31, 1992: Current Windows users can purchase OS/2 2.0 for $49, any DOS user can upgrade to OS/2 2.0 for $99 and new users can purchase OS/2 2.0 for $139. These promotional prices do not include shipping and handling.

As part of a previous promotion, any IBM OS/2 user can receive a free upgrade to 2.0 until July 31, 1992. A manufacturer's rebate will be available to Windows users who purchase OS/2 2.0 through IBM authorized remarketers.


IBM will introduce OS/2 2.0 to the public through over 120 customer meetings worldwide, followed by the "OS/2 To You" demonstration tour, a travelling roadshow which will take place at customer facilities in a "Big Tent" style. The tour begins today and will continue throughout the year.

IBM will make OS/2 2.0 as widely available as DOS through an extensive distribution network that provides convenient sales locations and quality support. IBM's direct marketing force will be augmented by its established base of Business Partners, including authorized PC and software dealers, industry remarketers and associate remarketers, retailers and superstores.

A key component of IBM's broad-based distribution strategy will be active support by IBM's aggregators, distributors and national dealer chains, such as Computerland, Corporate Software, Egghead, Ingram Micro D, Merisel, Intelligent Electronics, Microage Computer Stores and Sears.

* Trademark or registered trademark of the International Business Machines Corporation.

** The following is a trademark of the indicated company:
   Windows (Microsoft Corporation), Adobe Type Manager
   (Adobe), Netware (Novell).