IBM Canada Launches OS/2 2.1

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IBM Canada Ltd. is launching OS/2* 2.1, an enhancement of the industry's leading 32-bit operating system for Intel-based personal computers. The version offers new levels of function and performance while providing a proven and reliable client-server platform.

OS/2 2.1 has support for Windows** 3.1 applications, 32-bit graphics, built-in multimedia features and longer battery life for mobile PC platforms. It is also more powerful and faster than version 2.0. All the capabilities of this award-winning operating system are available for the first time on CD-ROM.

Sales momentum for the product continues to build. Since OS/2 2.0 became available 14 months ago, more than two million copies have been shipped worldwide, including more than 140,000 in Canada.

"OS/2 brings great productivity benefits to users who want to fully exploit the power of their 32-bit PC's," said Harvey Lewi, Manager of Personal Software Products for IBM Canada. "Also, OS/2 provides the basis for a full suite of LAN and systems management products for those migrating to a client/server environment," he added.

OS/2 2.1 will be available June 14 at a list price of $249 Canadian, the same dollar amount as in the United States. There is a 90-day promotional offering on upgrades of $99 for CD-ROM versions and $129 for diskette versions, available both to IBM business partners and to owners who order through IBM Direct's toll free number--1-800-465-7999.

  OS/2 2.1 Upg from DOS/DOS Windows/OS/2 3.5        $ 129
  OS/2 2.1 Upg from DOS/DOS Windows/OS/2 5.25         129
  OS2 CD/ROM                                           99
  Additional License Upg                               79

IBM Dealers may offer the upgrade at discounts.


The upgrade has a "sniffer" that requires that SOME operating system (DOS, DRDOS, OS/2) be on the hard disk. Once it detects an installed operating systems, it "marks" the install diskette for future installs. The complete install system (without upgrade "sniffer") is not available in the 90 promotional offering. List $ 249 (Canadian).