IBM Communications Manager/2

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IBM Communications Manager/2
Version 1.11 (Jul 1994)
Vendor IBM
License IPLA

Communications Manager/2 (CM/2) is the workstation communications product for OS/2 1.x that provides connectivity with IBM mainframes and acts as a gateway for OS/2, DOS, and Windows clients.

IBM Personal Communications for OS/2 was the natural migration path for CM/2 customers who needed advanced emulation capabilities.

Productivity Aids

  • AFTP - APPC file transfer capability
  • ANAME - A global facility for network naming to create aliases
  • LP3820 - Print LIST38XX files on a laser printer
  • CMPROC - List active CM/2 processes
  • DCAFSAMP - Instructions and sample files for configuring CM/2 DCAF
  • LOGMSG - Create and log messages to the message log
  • CMCHGDIR - Reassign remote drive of a server for Distributed Feature Workstations
  • CMFOLDER - Create OS/2 2.x folders and customize CM/2 folder
  • RPLINI - Start when installing CM/2 for RIPL


  • 1.0 (Mar 1993) - 5621-254
  • 1.1 (Nov 1993) - 5622-078
  • 1.11 (Jul 1994)