IBM Communications Server

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IBM Communications Server
IBM Comm Server.png
Version 6.1
Vendor IBM
License IPLA
Download 6.0.1 Spanish

Also known as IBM eNetwork Communications Server or IBM SecureWay Communications Server for OS/2.

IBM Communications Server for OS/2 Warp provides industrial strength OS/2 communications by combining the versatile multiprotocol support of AnyNet/2, with the power of Communications Manager/2.


  • Capacity to grow: Supports up to 2000 clients and more than 20,000 simultaneous host sessions
  • Multiprotocol Support
  • Robust 32-bit APIs
  • Connectivity Enhancements
  • CPI-C 2.0 Enhancements
  • A wide range of LAN and WAN connectivity options


  • 84H1802 Communications Server for OS/2 UK CD v4.1
  • 84H1803 Upg. Comm. Server for OS/2 UK CD v4.1

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