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The IBM Personal Software Technical Newsletter' was published by IBM Personal Software User Group Relations.


Number Cover Content
1993 Issue 1 IBM PSM N1.png
  • Kevin Maier: What's New in OS/2 2.1
  • OS/2 2.1 Technical Update: Part 1
  • Virginia Roarabaugh: Conserving Disk Space in OS/2 2.1
  • Virginia Roarabaugh: Customizing Your Application Migration
  • Virginia Roarabaugh: OS/2 2.1 Swap File
  • Doug Azzarito: OS/2 Questions and Answers
Random Data
  • DeeAnne Safford: IBM Personal Software Product Strategy
  • Gene Barlow: Report on IBM's PSP User Group Relations
  • OS/2 User Group Listing
  • Vicci Conway & Janet Gobeille: Team OS/2 Wants You!
  • Gene Barlow: Editorial: A New Name for an Old Friend
1993 Issue 2

OS/2 2.1, WorkplaceOS, Microkernel

IBM PSM I2 001.jpg
  • Wayne M. Caswell: Home Computing with OS/2 [1]
  • George Palma: A Visit with OS/2: More than Just a Pretty Face
  • Pete Norloff: OS/2: Productivity without Corruption
  • OS/2 2.1 Technical Update Part 2: WIN-OS/2 3.1
  • Theodore Shrader: ASCII and SQL Database Storage with OS/2
  • Maria Ingold: OS/2 2.1 Multimedia: From In-the-Box to Video In
  • Linden DeCarmo: Maximizing OS/2 2.1 Multimedia Performance
  • IBM Shows Off OS/2
  • David Matocha: Shootout at the HAL-PC Corral
  • Doug Azzarito: OS/2 Questions and Answers
Random Data
  • Paul Giangarra: Workplace OSs: Door to the Future
  • Allen G. Taylor: Microkernel Technology
  • Freeman Rawson: IBM's Microkernel Technology
  • The Developer Connection for OS/2

1994 Issue 1 IBM PSM 1994 I1.png
  • D'Ann Ostrom: Transforming Business with Object Technology
  • Robert Tycast: OpenDoc: An Idea Whose Time Has Come!
  • Technical Update, Part 3: OS/2 2.1 Hardware Support
  • Craig Eubanks & Gordon Webster: Pointing Devices and OS/2 2.x
  • Raymond J. Martin: OS/2 Security Enabling
  • OS/2 2.x Service and Support, Part 1: Installation
  • Doug Azzarito: OS/2 Questions and Answers
Random Data
  • Dave Whittle: Team OS/2 - A Groundswell of Support for OS/2
1994 Issue 2
  • Robert Rapuano & Nestor Miranda: What's New in PC DOS 6.3
  • PC DOS 6.x Disk Compression & Defragmentation
  • Mary Forlenza & Cheryl Leone: OS/2 Workplace Software Strategy: Creating New Possibilities
1994 Issue 3 IBM PSM I3.png
OS/2 Systems
  • What's New in OS/2 Warp
  • OS/2 Warp Versus Windows 95
  • Development of OS/2 Warp Version 3
  • OS/2 2.x Service and Support: Installation
  • The OS/2 Corner: A Personal Introduction to OS/2
  • Launching Objects on the OS/2 Desktop
  • OS/2 Questions and Answers
  • The OS/2 Corner: Why Buy OS/2 Now?
  • What I Learned About OS/2: A Testimonial
LAN Systems
  • IBM OS/2 LAN Server Version 4.0
  • IBM LAN Server 4.0: Networking for the Future
  • LAN Server Interoperability with WfW
  • ElCID
  • CASSETUP: A LAN CID Utility Ease-of-Use Tool
Random Data
  • Object Orientation in Ten Easy Terms
  • Sharing OS/2 with a PC User Group
1995 Issue 1
PC DOS Systems
  • Kay Lee & Nestor Miranda: What's New in PC DOS 7
OS/2 Systems
  • Joseph Landman: My Experience with OS/2 Warp
  • OS/2 for Playing PC Games
  • Doug Azzarito: OS/2 Warp Questions and Answers
LAN Systems
  • Pat Scherer: Security in LAN Server 4.0
  • Randy Langel: Client/Server: The 10 Percent You Need to Know
  • Pete Greulich: The IBM LAN Server Family
1995 Issue 2 IBM PSM 1995 I2.png
DOS Systems
  • Michael A. Rothman: Why Choose PC DOS 7 over MS-DOS 6.22?
OS/2 Systems
  • Ron Cadima: OS/2 Warp Performance-Tuning
  • Arlene R. Foreman: OS/2 is for Work - Not for Play
  • Lou Samsel: Why Are You Still Waiting for Microsoft?
  • Bertram Glenn Moshier: OS/2 TCP/IP Questions and Answers
  • Cliff Cullum: OS/2 Fonts
  • Rick Kruer: Guru in Training
  • Lou Yovin: OS/2 Tips
  • OS/2 Warp Connect vs. Windows Family
  • OS/2 Warp Connect, PowerPC Edition: Overview
Random Data
  • 15 Questions About Windows 95
  • Esther Schindler: "It Must Be OS/2"