IBM ScrollPoint Pro Mouse

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IBM ScrollPoint Pro Mouse
Rating: Very Good Cell green.gifCell green.gifCell green.gifCell green.gif
Driver: USBMOUSE, AMOUSE. Included ArcaOS 5.0.x drivers or IBM Mouse drivers.

General Specs

  • Model: M018BO
  • HardwareID: 04B3:3109
  • P/N: 24P0504
  • FRU: 24P0505

General Comments

ArcaOS 5.0.1

It works fine with ArcaOS 5.0.1 USB drivers. The three buttons works fine and the scroll is also working. Tested with AMOUSE.SYS 3.1 and USBMOUSE.SYS 11.16.

  • Side Button + Right Click = Task bar
  • Side Button + Left Click = Task bar

Vertical scroll works fine on PM windows and Firefox. Horizontal scroll not working.

OS/2 Warp 4.5x

This mouse also used to have support under IBM OS/2. Check the driver at: [1]


  • Site[2]