IBM's Official OS/2 Warp FAQs

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by IBMers Mike Kaply and Timothy F. Sipples.

ISBN 1-56884-472-7

From the publisher's notes:

This IBM Press book includes answers direct from IBM's own technical support database.

Hardware concepts (such as DMA and interrupts) are explained in terms that make sense, leading to advice on OS/2 Warp installation, configuration, and choosing new hardware. "IBM's Official OS/2 Warp FAQs" is one of the first books to cover OS/2 Warp Connect and its networking features. The OS/2 Warp BonusPak is also discussed, with detailed information on how to use OS/2 Warp with practically any Internet service provider. Hard disk partitioning is described in plain English with practical advice from the authors.

"IBM's Official OS/2 Warp FAQs" includes the FAQ Pack, a CD-ROM containing a complete online version of the entire book. The CD-ROM also includes extra device drivers, fixes and patches, hotlinks to popular Internet sites, bitmaps, demonstrations, and free software for your OS/2 Warp PC.