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Problem installing "Internet Connection for OS/2" portion of the Warp BonusPack from CDROM on Mitsumi CDROM drives

Last updated: 27 Dec 1994


    User experiences XDFCOPY error message XDF3507 when trying
    to make the diskettes for the Internet portion of the Warp
    BonusPack.  The error occurs ONLY on the INETCON1,2,3 &
    4.IMG files.  The rest of the BonusPack installs fine from
    the CDROM.

    If the user tries to install directly from the CDROM using
    the BonusPack installation menu instead of making the
    diskettes using XDFCOPY, he'll get UNZIP errors as shown
    below (in this example G:  is the CDROM drive letter):

    g:\internet\" did not unzip correctly (rc=-51).
    Do you wish to continue the installation?

    If the user chooses to continue installation he'll get the
    same error on iak2,3 & files as well.  Finally the
    BonusPack installation program will error out by reporting
    similar to the following:

    The exit program for "IBM Internet Connection for OS/2"
    gave a bad return code of 65535.  Continue with the
    installation?  If the user selects OK then the system will
    abort the install.


    The user has the following options:

    1.) Try and run the XDFCOPY on another machine with a
        different CDROM drive.  The resulting diskettes can be
        used to install on the machine that is failing.

    2.) Have the customer attempt to copy the .IMG files from
        the CDROM to a temporary subdirectory in his disk drive
        and run XDFCOPY from the .IMG files on the disk drive.

    3.) Have the user check the BonusPack CDROM for any dirt or
        scratches.  CDROMs can suffer from the same read
        problems as audio CDs can.  Also inspect the CD CADDY
        it is installed in or the CDROM drive drawer area for
        any dust or dirt.

    4.) If none of the above suggestions work, recommend that
        the user obtain a replacement BonusPack CDROM


    This problem has been observed to occur on Mitsumi CDROM
    drives (FX-001D and FX-100D).  It may occur on others too.
    It appears to be a CDROM drive read problem.  It is possible
    that the drive electronics and/or mechanics are not aligned
    (i.e. out of tolerance or spec.)  such that a read error
    occurs on the BonusPack CDROM.  The customers that
    experienced this problem, were able to install the Warp
    product CDROM with no problems and all of the other
    BonusPack components without error.  The failure was only
    seen on the "Internet Connection for OS/2" component of the
    Warp BonusPack CDROM.