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Last update: 6th November, 1995


Installation from CD-ROM drive locks up on Diskette 1 following the "Loading, please wait..." message.

Following the message from the Installation Diskette, the OS/2 logo appears, there is further diskette and CD-ROM drive activity, the screen goes black and the "Loading..." message appears. After further CD-ROM activity the acreen goes black and the cursor sits in the upper left-hand corner (indefinitely).


CD-ROM drive


There is a known problem with the Warp GA IBMKBD.SYS driver which can produce this symptom (APAR PJ16077). To verify that your symptoms match this APAR, do the following:

Add the line SET PROTSHELL = CMD.EXE to your CONFIG.SYS file and re-boot. You should see an OS/2 full-screen command prompt which will scroll rapidly, as if the Enter key were being pressed repeatedly.


Replace the Warp GA IBMKBD.SYS driver (5548 bytes, dated 10-03-94) with a copy from Warp Beta2 (4677 bytes, dated 7-30-94,). It may also be possible to use the KBD01.SYS driver from OS/2 2.1+XR06200 (29525 bytes, dated 01-29-94) or the one from 2.1 or 2.11 GA.


An "updated" version of the IBMKBD.SYS driver was made available during the course of Warp Beta testing to fix another problem. That driver should <not> be used, as it has the same bug.

If this works, please call IBM OS/2 Support and request to be added to the IP (Interested Parties) List for APAR PJ16077.

Jonathon Hogan Doran ( writes: (14th March, 1995)

I used the fixed as outlined... however its not quite accurate for the CD-ROM version... the CD-ROM version re-installs IBMKBD.SYS from the CD-ROM it appears, thus clobbering the fix on the Boot Installation Disk, and thus when you reboot post installation, its stuffed again.

My fix was to, at the last possible time, do an F3 (this post the CD-ROM installation) and do a copy from the A: installation disk to the C: driver, then reboot..

Darryl Lubdha ( writes: (25th April, 1995)

I recently experienced the same symptoms listed in the OS/2 Warp Installation Hangs ad Disk 1 page and this page when I swapped a motherboard in a system that was already running Warp.

Using the 5548-byte 10-03-94 IBMKBD.SYS driver did not help. However, the WFP_03 FIXPAK solved the problem using the IBMKBD.SYS driver that is 5544 bytes, dated 12-12-94. The motherboard I installed had a Phoenix BIOS (version 4.03), as opposed to the AMI devices, and a UMC chipset (8498F and 8496F). I suspect the UMC's might be the root of this problem, since the AMI BIOS wasn't present, and I have had problems with UMC chipsets in the past that refused to run Novell NetWare. The hardware I had was:

UM4980 80486 VL-Bus motherboard
Phoenix BIOS version 4.03
UMC 8498F, UMC 8496F (UM8498 Keyboard BIOS)

See Also

Warp Fix Pack # 3

This reference describes IBM's official fix for the problem described by this APAR.

Frank McKenney