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Last update: 6th November, 1995


When doing an install MS Windows support with Warp Without WinOS2, the OS/2 install asks for various Windows Diskettes. A CD-ROM with the Windows install files is available.


Any PC with a CD-ROM that is supported during the initial OS/2 install or selective install.


The Warp Without WinOS2 install process generally requires MS Windows install diskettes in order to support MS Windows. User has MS Windows install files on a CD-ROM.


When The OS/2 install process requests the first MS Windows install diskette, it will display a pop-up window with a default prompt of "A:\". Put the MS Windows CD-ROM in the PC's CD-ROM player and determine the location of the Windows install files. Then change the default value in the popup window to the drive and path of the Windows install files on the CD. For example, if the CD drive is E: and the MS Windows install files are in the \Windows directory, then change the "A:\" to "E:\windows".

After changing the prompt in the popup window, press the enter key. The install program will beep at you and tell you to install the next diskette in your CD-ROM drive, simply hit enter (or change directories and hit enter--if the MS Windows install files are not in a single directory) the install program will find the files it needs if they are in the directory you point it to.


I have seen several CD-ROMs from Dell and Gateway that were shipped with the MS Windows install files. In these cases, the files were all in the \windows directory off the root. Another scheme may be to have each set of install files in a directory corresponding to the install diskette. For example, \windows\disk_1, \window\disk_2, \windows\disk_3, etc. In is case, you will need to change directories in the install prompt each time the install program asks you to.

By Matt Hickman

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