Installing eComStation 2.2 and Windows 10 with Dual Boot

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First, if you are going to install on a new PC, that has a GPT partition system, you will need to erase everything on the disk, since eCS and OS/2 still does not support GPT. You need to go back to the Master Boot Record (MBR).

Short Procedure for Busy People

The procedure in short is:

  1. Boot the eCS 2.2 Installation CD.
  2. Wipe all the HDD information and define the partition size that you want to eCS and for Windows.
  3. Install "Boot Manager" (Airboot included on eCS 2.2) before installing eCS.
  4. Save and Reboot.
  5. Boot the Windows 10 DVD. Select the correct partition on where do you want to install Windows 10 and make sure you don't select the eCS partition by mistake.
  6. Install Windows 10 normally.

Ooops... you will notice that Windows 10 took over Airboot. You need to fix this.