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The Secure Password Keeper for OS/2

KeyRing/2 acts like an impregnable safe filled with all your passwords. Nobody except you is opening that safe unless you let them.

KeyRing/2 is a secure database for all your passwords, registration codes, lock combinations, Bank PINs - any small secret. By entering a single password you can instantly retrieve all your secret information. Since KeyRing/2 is a database, you can search and sort to find your passwords quickly.

  • Worried about security? KeyRing/2 locks up all your secrets using military-grade encryption technology. It uses a type of encryption that is much stronger than the password security algorithms used in the web pages and the applications you access.
  • Worried about prying eyes? KeyRing/2 cleans its memory space, the clipboard, and the OS/2 swap file of your clear-text secrets upon shutdown.
  • Are you a two fingered typist? KeyRing/2 can insert a password into your clipboard, allowing you to cut/paste your passwords into any program running on your desktop. No more fumbling around trying to type in a complex program registration key.
  • Do you visit a lot of members-only web sites? KeyRing/2 can automatically launch Netscape and open your favorite web sites. Use the clipboard feature to paste your password into the web page with a couple of mouse clicks. If Netscape is already running, KeyRing/2 will command it to switch instantly to the new URL - no waiting for another copy of Netscape to start!

KeyRing/2 allows you to break your secrets up into several categories, to allow you to find them quickly. With KeyRing/2, you can sort your secret databases in many different ways. You can rearrange database columns, hide, rearrange and rename them.

KeyRing/2 can optionally assign an icon to each of your secrets to allow you to find them quickly. KeyRing/2 has over 130 icons built in and you may use any external ICO files you might have on hand. Use program icons to locate product registration codes, or logo icons to find web sites.

KeyRing/2 uses Blowfish (448 bit) encryption. We now have an export license to allow the exportation of the Blowfish encryption module to most countries.

KeyRing/2 has the following features:

  • Manages many hundreds of secrets
  • Optionally tracks the age of your passwords and warns you to change them
  • Launches Netscape and opens your favorite web page
  • Changes Netscapes current URL if Netscape is already running
  • Uses very strong encryption
  • Can interact with most desktop applications via the clipboard
  • Extensive help built in
  • "Boss" key to hide your secrets from people peeking over your shoulder
  • International language support - change languages on-the-fly
  • Assign custom icons to your secret records for easy identification


  • GNU GPL V2