Lenovo 500 Multimedia Controller

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Lenovo 500 Multimedia Controller
Lenovo 500 Multimedia Controller.JPG
Port: USB
Rating: Cell green.gifCell green.gifCell green.gifCell white.gif
Driver: USBMOUSE, AMOUSE. Included ArcaOS 5.0.x drivers.

General Specs

  • Model: Lenovo 500 Multimedia Controller
  • HardwareID: 17EF:60B7 (USB Dongle)
  • P/N: SKMON79913
  • FRU: 01J155

General Comments

It worked on ArcaOS 5.0.2 with the AMOUSE 3.1 driver. At first the mouse didn't work when I plugged it, just they keyboard, but after the next reboot it started to work fine.

The Multitouch mouse produce some behaviors:

  1. Tap to Click: Works.
  2. Swipe Three Finger to the Left or Right: It will be like an "Alt+Tab" to switch open applications.
  3. Swipe Three Finger down: It will type the letter "d" on a command line or text editor.
  4. Swipe Three Finger up: It will type a "tab" on a text editor.

The rest of the combinations on the manual does not work.