Lenovo ThinkPad T450s

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ThinkPad T450s.jpg

General Specs

  • Model Number: 20BWS2KM00
  • Processor: Intel Core i7-5600U Processor (2.60GHz)
  • RAM: 12 GB RAM
  • Display: 14.0 in 1920x1080
  • Graphics: Intel HD5500 /1GB NVIDIA GeForce GT 940M 1GB Graphic
  • 720p HD Camera
  • Media Card Reader
  • Fingerprint Reader
  • UltraNav ()
  • Ethernet
  • Intel Wireless 7265AC(2x2)+BT4.0 M.2 Combo
  • UMTS/WWAN ready
  • No Dockingport (only models without NVIDIA Grapic do have a Docking Port)
  • No Smart Card Reader (only models without NVIDIA Grapic do have a Smart Card Reader)
  • Trackpoint
  • Touchpad


Component Name HardwareID Status Driver
Processor Intel Core i7-5600U Processor (2.60GHz) Check.gif ACPI
ACPI Intel Thermal Management Controller 8086:9CA4 Check.gif ACPI 3.23.01
Video Intel HD5500 /Nvidia 940M 8086:1616 / 10DE:1347 Check.gif Panorama, Mini Display Port does work with Panorama as well
Audio Intel Broadwell-U Audio Controller / Wildcat Point-LP High Definition Audio Controller 8086:160C / 8086:9CA0 Nope.gif Not Working
Storage Controller Intel SATA Controller 8086:9C83 Check.gif DANIS506 / OS2DASD / OS2AHCI
USB 2.0 Intel EHCI 8086:9CA6 Check.gif Works
USB 3.0 Nope.gif Not Supported
Wired Network Intel I218-LM 8086:15A2 Revision 3 Check.gif Supported since Multimac 20160201 from Arca Noae
Wireless Network Intel Wireless 7265AC(2x2) 8086:095B Nope.gif Not Working
Card Reader Realtek Semiconductors RTS5227 10EC:5227 Nope.gif Not Tested
WebCam Acer 5986:0366 Check.gif Works [Wim Brul: use uvcview or weblook/webview with parameter /i1 or /i4]
Fingerprint Reader Validity Sensors 138A:0017 Release 0078 Nope.gif Not Supported

General Comments

  • UEFI BIOS: On the Thinkpad BIOS you need to set it to "Support CSM mode" and "Disable Secure Boot" for OS/2 to boot.
  • USB: In the Lenovo BIOS you need to disable USB 3.0 support, then those are used as 2.0 Ports. That option is only available for the Lenovo Thinkpad up to the 50 series (X250,T450,W550) but not for the brand new 60 series.
  • INSTALLATION: Installation from DVD up to eCS 2.2b2 is not possible. The so far only succesfull way for me: cloning an existing OS/2 Warp 4.52 (updated) or eCS (updated) installation with DFSEE and restoring the Clone then
  • BOOTMANAGER: Using Airboot Manager gives the chance to use different Operating systems, this device came without an Operating System, I am using Windows 10 alongside OS/2 Warp 4.
  • GRAPHICCARD: Please note: the additional internal Nvidiacard is only availiable with "Student/Campus" models. Important: the Mini Display Port does work with Panorama Driver as well - Great!
  • TOUCHPAD/TRACKPOINT: Both working well with OS/2! Each can be deactivated using BIOS Settings.


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