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Lewis Rosenthal runs several OS/2 mailing lists, administrates the web hosting for OS2VOICE and he is the treasurer of Warpstock Corporation. On May 19 of 2014 Lewis announced the creation of "Arca Noae" company with a new vision for OS/2 investing in GPL (or GPL-compatible) software.

Contact Information

Republishing Permission

Lewis Rosenthal gave permission to republish content of the Serenity Systems archived web site under the Creative Commons Share Alike license. Martin Iturbide obtained that permission on february 25 of 2015 on the OS2world online forum.



  • Warpstock 2015 - Kerberos: What it is, Why it's important, and How to use it
  • Warpstock 2015 - Arca Noae News
  • WarpStock 2014 - Integrating Network Attached Storage Devices in an eComStation Environment
  • Warpstock 2003 - NET-01 : Wireless Networking with OS/2
  • Warpstock 2003 - NET-02 : OS/2 and Novell integration