List of Device Drivers

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Physical Device Drivers

Name License Requirements Comments Repository
ASPI Router Free - AS IS Watcom C/C++ Application SCSI interface device driver [1]
Autonic Watcom C/C++ 10.x boot time detection of PCI devices to autoload their driver [2]
BT32.SYS GNU GPL Watcom 11.0C, IBM DDK, LXAPI32 sources BT8X8 driver for TV-Cards. Source [3]
Delay BSD 3 Clauses OS/2 device driver for providing a timed delay from CONFIG.SYS during system startup. [4]
Demo $DEMO - OS/2 Demonstration Device Device Driver. [5]
FASTIO BSD Fastio Device Driver for direct port I/O. The driver provides a 32 bit R3->R0 call gate for a user process. [6]
Firewire An initial firewire driver [7]
Gameport.sys Samples the game port about 10 times per second. [8]
GAMEPRT2 Game Port Driver. Joystick GAME$ Driver. [9]
HLTDriver OpenWatcom Driver to keep systems cooler by calling HLT. [10]
HRTIMER rewrote Public Domain A high resolution timer implemented as a device driver. [11]
IBM Rapid Access I Keyboard Enabler IBM Rapid Access Keyboard I Enabler driver. [12]
[[IDLEHLT16] Public Domain HLT driver for OS/2 1.x. Driver to keep systems cooler by calling HLT. [13]
LDCOPY BSD 3-Clauses simple OS/2 driver for copying files while CONFIG.SYS is being processed. [14]
LXAPI32.SYS GNU GPL V2 Watcom 11.0C and IBM DDK small Linux API to other device drivers. With this helper driver it is relative easy to port other Linux drivers to OS/2. Source [15]
O2X Public Domain Assembler Directs output to the AUX device to the monochrome monitor in a two-monitor system. [16]
Panel BSD 3-Clauses PANEL is an OS/2 device driver that provides access to the eight character information panel provided on the IBM PS/2 Model 95 (8595 and 9595) systems. [18]
P6K7MTRR Intel P6/AMD K7 MTRRs management IOCtl PDD driver [19]
Peek GNU LGPL Watcom Allows it's user to read/write from IO ports [20]
PHYSMEM Provide a means for an application to access physical memory addresses by calling PhysToUVirt for it. [21]
Reboot2 C
REBOOTDR.SYS is a driver and program to help you reboot OS/2 [22]
RNG-810 GNU GPL V2 RANDDRV.SYS random number driver for RNG-810 or similar hardware [23]
Rodent Public Domain Support for several mouse models. [24]
Serial Port Free or Charge wrapper class to access OS/2 serial port. [25]
USBECD ISC License This driver enables you to directly control USB devices. [26]
UPTT UPTime Test driver [27]
WatDD BSD Alike C, Assembler Physical Device Driver Libraries for Watcom C/C++ 10. [28]
Wacom Bamboo digitizer tablet Device driver for Wacom Bamboo digitizer tablet. [29]
xATA / Danis506 GNU LGPL Hard Drive storage driver [30] [31]
XF86SUP As Is C XF86SUP.SYS is a helper driver for XFree86/2. [32]

Device Managers

Name License Requirements Comments Repository
JJSCDROM AS IS Modified OS/2 CD-ROM / CD-RW / DVDs device manager driver. [33]

Filter Device Drivers

Name License Requirements Comments Repository
ext2flt Non-Profit Assembler, C makes it possible to load an IFS for Linux ext2 partitions. [34]
VRAID BSD-3-Clause C
Virtual RAID driver for OS/2 - VRAID.FLT [35]

IFS Drivers

Name License Requirements Comments Repository
[[ext2FS] GNU GPL V2 32bit Linux ext2 file system driver (IFS) for OS/2. Based on ext2 source code Source. [36]
FAT32 GNU LGPL File system driver for FAT32 (Windows 9x) [37]
FAT32 (AN) GNU LGPL Arca Noae fork of the FAT32 file system driver. [38]
HFS GNU GPL V2 Mac HFS driver [39]
ISOFS GNU GPL V2 EMX Installable file system for OS/2 to access ISO rawfiles [40], [41]
MWDD32 GNU GPL V2 Implementation of 32-bit OS/2 device drivers (BASEDEV and DEVICE) or 32 bit IFS. [42]
OpenJFS GNU GPL V2 IBM C/C++ Compiler 3.6.5, Microsoft C 6.0a, OS/2 Developers Toolkit v4.5 JFS (Journal File System) IFS driver for OS/2 [43]
RAMFS Public Domain IFS-based RAMDISK [44]
VirtualBox Shared Folders Driver GNU GPL This driver is part of the OS/2 additions for VirtualBox.
WatcomIFS Sample Source for building an IFS driver using Open Watcom. [45]


Name License Requirements Comments Repository
ALTA.OS2 MASM 6.0 & link386 Sundance ST201 and IC+ IP100A [46]
b44a Broadcom BCM4401 [47]
comet ADMtek Comet/Centaur [48]
dp82x National Semiconductor DP83820 Ethernet [49]
dp820a NSC DP83820 [50]
dp815a NSC DP83815 [51]
lgy98 MELCO LGY-98 C-BUS Ethernet MAC driver [52]
[Moschip MCS7830] Virtual Pascal 2.1, OS/2 Toolkit 4.5 (alp, os2386.lib) Dedicated to USB 2.0 to Ethernet Adapters, telling VendorID 0x9710 and ProductID 0x7830. [53]
MultiMac GNU GPL V2 Network driver for NVETH, Intel E1000E, RealTek R8110, R8169 [54] [55]
NVeth GNU GPL V2 NVidia nForce built-in NICs [56]
rtgnda Realtek RTL8169 MAC driver [57]
rpn2a Realtek RTL8029AS Another MAC driver [58]
sis90a SiS900 Another MAC driver [59]
tc902x Tamarack tmi TC9021 [60]
Tigris National Semiconductor DP83815 [61]
vfet1a04 VIA VT86C100A Rhine Another MAC driver [62]
vfet2a VIA VT6102 Rhine2 Another MAC driver [63]
vfet3a04 VIA VT6105 Rhine3 Another MAC driver [64]
vgend05 VIA VT612x Velocity [65]


Name License Requirements Comments Repository
PSD Sample Driver C
Sample of a Platform Specific Drivers (PSDs) for SMP [66]
Test PSD Driver for generic PC AT [67]


Name License Requirements Comments Repository
DEVHELP BSD 3 Alike OS/2 Physical Device Driver Libraries for Watcom C/C++ 10 [68]
USBLib Aladdin Free Public License USBCalls, USBResmg, USBJoy driver source code. [69]
Wim's Experimental Files BSD 3-Clause Assembler for bmscalls, bvscalls, kbdcalls, keyboard.dcp, moucalls, viocalls. [70]

Name License Requirements Comments Repository
SoundCard Device Driver (SoundBlaster) GNU GPL Support for Sound Blaster audio cards. [71]
SBOS2 Sound Blaster for OS/2 drivers. [72]
UniAud GNU GPL Based on ALSA core [73] [74]