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This is a list of some ports for XFree86 for OS/2 (XFree86/2).

List of Packages

Description OS/2 Port
Status Requirements, etc.
Three dimensional chess 0.8.1
2nd build
95200 Bytes
Working I haven't played a full game yet
A military variant of football 2.0
1st build
105133 Bytes
Working I haven't played a full game yet
Yes, the famous game ... 1.1
1st build
70418 Bytes
Working Requires [QT-runtime (1.31)]
Scientific calculator 2.4pl13
1st build
29133 Bytes
Working Quite old program. But there are only few real good calculators available!
Simple Web browser 2.0 alpha pl19]
1st build
181102 Bytes
I changed the archive structure and are now using the term "chimera" only Development has almost stopped unfortunately.
Nice tiny X window manager 1.00
1st build
82880 Bytes
Working It's main features are the lack of icons and the "sideways" title bars.
Free Civilization clone for X11 1.12.0]
3rd build, 20020128
1445095 Bytes
Working. Uses plain Xaw.dll now. 3rd build brings fix for civserver.exe in VIO session
Powerful editor available for OS/2 PM, commandline and X11
[0.49.13] Working. But may require a bit work to get it configured properly. This package include all docs, config files and executables!
One-player puzzle game Beta release 4]
1st build
67672 Bytes
Mostly working With sound support!
gf1 (GIPF for one)
A board game 0.99.3]
1st build
130100 Bytes
Working Check out this site to learn more about the game itself
An OpenGL demo: clone of xeyes 0.1]
1st build
22363 Bytes
Working. Requires [Mesa]. Make sure glut.dll from Mesa is first in libpath (and not IBM's PM version)
Famous plotting package with X11 frontend
[OS/2 Port] Working Both the PM and X11 driver are included my gnuplot package
Plotting software with GUI
[OS/2 Port] Working OS/2 port is now on hold!
Nice frontend for Ghostscript 3.5.8]
5th build
231713 Bytes
Working Requires an X/2 enhanced version of Ghostscript
Generate heightfields for use in images
[OS/2 Port] Should work ... Includes binaries for XFree/2 and PM (based on SVGAKIT)
Converts HTML files to PS, PDF, ...
[OS/2 port] X11 and command line version in a single executable htmldoc is using the [fltk] GUI toolkit
Diary/calendar application 1.5]
2nd build, 20020119; 59818 bytes
Unknown Requires LessTif written
S*mCity clone 1.12pre3
1st build
567533 Bytes
Unknown This not the initial port 1.12 CVS snapshot
579628 Bytes
Code base may not be 100% stable, though
Graphical frontend for 'diff' 1.0
4th build
32800 Bytes
Working Requires LessTif
MPEG video player mpeg_play 2.3]
1st build
65999 Bytes
Working The famous Berkeley code
Displays ASCII char set OS/2 Port
1st build
12667 Bytes
Working Requires LessTif
"Not un*x-like" editor
[OS/2 Port] Working Read the homepage for further details
Requires LessTif
Tool to plot data
OS/2 Port
Not available due to its license restrictions.
Part of the Histo-Scope package. Requires LessTif
(GNU) Oleo
Spreadsheet program CVS snapshot] (20020118;, 425482 Bytes) This is not even "unfinished", a kind of technology demo. Requires [libXpm 3.4k (DLL)], LessTif, [Xbae] and [Xlt].
X/Motif day planner 1.8.4
(1st build, 20020118; 275019 Bytes)
The daemon isn't supplied and many other features are still missing. Requires LessTif
Pipe-connecting game 1.1]
1st build
21763 Bytes
working Compiled (almost) out of the archive
Famous Raytracer
[OS/2 Port] optional X11- pre-display of the image while rendering Here you can get the latest versions for OS/2
Simple 2d-plotting tool 0.4.2]
1st build
51145 Bytes
Allows a quick view on 2d data; features a zoom Compiled almost out of the archive
Simple reminder application 1.1]
2nd build
68414 Bytes
Working(?) Requires [QT]
World Wide Web Browser 1.4beta]
3rd build
402697 Bytes
Development of qweb has been stopped :-( Requires [QT-runtime]
Creates 3d scenes for various rendering programs 1.0]
1st build
368519 Bytes
Not too stable and I don't think I'll spend further time on it Check its home site for more information and the documentation
Powerful calculator 1.8]
2nd build
85961 Bytes
Working Uses libExt
Plotting widget (including sample applications) 1.36]
3rd build
143131 Bytes
Working (withdrawn) Requires LessTif
It's now part of Xlt which in turn comes with LessTif
Solitaire card game 1.4.1]
1st build
67007 Bytes
Working Not the _only_ implementation of this game
Small editor Version 2]
3rd build, 20011230
43732 Bytes
Working Requires LessTif
An OpenGL solar system simulator 1.6]
2nd build
1079080 Bytes
Use ssystem1.cmd to start Requires [Mesa]. Check that glut.dll from Mesa is first in libpath!
Kind of clock, displaying earth illuminated by sun 1.4]
2nd build
20278 Bytes
Working A poor replacement for xearth
Nice clock 1.0]
1st build
14144 Bytes
Working Nice alternative to common clock applications
Real "ancient" calculator 5.4]
1st build
18334 Bytes
Working Can you handle it ? ;-)
Animation/Sound player 2.8.1]
1st build
310411 Bytes
Sound support is taken from previous ports, but doesn't seem to work. There are [older ports]
X11 interface to BibTeX ?.?
1st build, 19990714
32166 Bytes
Working. Withdrawn
3d version of tetris 1.0i]
1st build
59724 Bytes
Working. Don't move the mouse out of the window while playing
Graphical frontend for chess engines
[OS/2 Port] Working, but bad performance Suitable [chess engines] are also available
"Super Bomberman" game 0.88]
1st build
Working. Even with sound Get the [dev-audio] package to have sound!
Drawing program [especially for circuit schematics] 1.7]
1st build
208798 Bytes
Not much tested You may need to have Ghostscript installed or even a Postscript printer
Tool to visually compare two text files 1.2]
1st build
17918 Bytes
Not much tested Requires (GNU) diff.exe in path
File manager & ftp client 2.1]
3rd build
204062 Bytes
Not much tested Requires LessTif
Display shaded image of the earth 1.1]
1st build
123823 Bytes
Working Features rendering in a plain window now
Math program with numerical and graphical capabilities 1.59]
1st build
1015954 Bytes
Use xeuler1.cmd to start Non-GUI version included as well
Color mixing utility 1.0]
1st build
14991 Bytes
Will be withdrawn.
[Read why]
Requires [xforms 0.88]
GUI for Povray 1.3.1]
1st build
65696 Bytes
Buggy. Will be withdrawn.
[Read why]
Requires [xforms 0.88]
The famous board game risk 1.00 +efnet10patch]
1st build
171383 Bytes
Working. 3 Computer players available.
Start 1) friskerver.exe, 2) computer players (ai*.exe), 3) xfrisk.exe
Calculator 3.1]
1st build
129388 Bytes
Will be withdrawn.
[Read why]
Statically(!) linked against xforms
FTP client 2.1]
4th build
113841 Bytes
Not much tested At least it starts up ...
Requires LessTif
Backgammon game with X11 frontend 0.98]
1st build
72984 Bytes
Seems to work Use xgammon1.cmd (cmd script) to start!
Simple GUI for Gnuplot 2.0]
1st build
328746 Bytes
Seems to work Requires [QT-runtime (1.31)]
Kind of an inferior version of xearth 1.0]
2nd build
10387 Bytes
Startup takes a while.
Ignore the file path setting in the app-defaults file.
Requires the bitmaps (773127 Bytes) and LessTif
Small Tetris variant ?.?]
1st build
30862 Bytes
Working Not sure this package is 100% complete

Tool to re-map keycodes 2.43]
1st build
120410 Bytes
Seems to work There's an older port around
Small action game 1.9]
2nd build
47656 Bytes
1st build was probably buggy, try the 2nd ! Isn't this game usually called 'asteroids' ?

Small puzzle game 0.01]
1st build
21372 Bytes
Will be withdrawn.
[Read why]
Requires [xforms 0.88]
Zooming app (like xmag) 1.0]
1st build
13306 Bytes
Working Requires LessTif, shm

Famous board game 3.0
1st build
216909 Bytes
Working Quite nice implementation of Mahjongg
Database application ("Graphical Resource Organizer Kit") 1.5]
3rd build, 170443 Bytes; 20020119
Port not yet finished. Feel free to report problems!

Requires LessTif

Simple "memory" game 0.02
1st build
34838 Bytes

Will be withdrawn.
[Read why]

Requires [xforms 0.88]
Fractal image generator 1.4]
5th build
910696 Bytes
Mostly working

Use xmfract1.cmd to start the program.
Requires LessTif

Plotting software with GUI
[OS/2 Port] Working Withdrawn now => Check out grace!
Simple local html browser; lacks table support :-( 1.8.1]
4th build, 20020109
106731 Bytes
Working. Requires LessTif

Digital image warping program (980420)]
2nd build
78292 Bytes
Buggy Use the fixed versions of Xt/XaW.dll!

Fractal landscape generator 2.2]
2nd build
22155 Bytes
Working If you're tired of xearth ...
X11-interface to the mSQL database engine 0.4.2]
1st build
105858 Bytes
Withdrawn. May work or not ... Requires mSQL, e.g. from LEO/Hobbes.
Check out xmsql1.cmd!
Othello game 0.01
1st build
5322 Bytes
Will be withdrawn.
[Read why]
Requires [xforms 0.88]
Bitmap/pixmap editing tool 2.5.6
1st build
355321 Bytes
Slow startup on 8bpp displays The Imakefile is still broken under OS/2 (but who cares ...)

Reader for the PDF document format 0.93
2nd build, 20011210
1519021 Bytes
Includes all additional commandline utilities
It requires t1lib, ttflib and gzip
Displays information about an X11 display server and displays 1.0]
2nd build, 20011113
63290 Bytes
Work in progress. I fixed already some bugs.
Slow startup
Requires LessTif
RPN Calculator 1.0
3rd build
36490 Bytes
Working Requires LessTif
Jump'n Run game 1.3.7
1st build
155176 Bytes
Seems to work Sound support is not enabled

Famous card game from/in Germany 3.4
1st build
245676 Bytes
Working, except IRC support. German language only
IRC support probably requires a patch to some free source telnet ...
XSkat 4.0 English/German
Very famous X fun application 1.42
1st build, 20011228
31115 Bytes
Working 1.42 claims to have extended KDE support
Solitaire game implementation 0.31
1st build
16992 Bytes
Working (?) Requires LessTif
Nice clock 1.0
4th build, 20020512
18838 Bytes
A few bugs (yes, the original, not only my port ;-) Sparse documentation; play with the config file!
Xtv grabs the screen of a remote display. 1.1]
1st build
3157 Bytes
Working (?) Don't ask me any questions about this tool
Desktop Calculator 1.09.1]
1st build
25760 Bytes
Working A better replacement for xcalc
Zoom for the X11 desktop 1.3
1st build
7787 Bytes
Start with "zoom -n" or it will crash. Requires a shm.dll, though Let's wait for a real working shm.dll ...
The following tools are not yet available here though I have built them.
Send me an email if you don't want to wait until they are accessible here!
GUI for font3d
Will be withdrawn.
Read why
Requires xforms 0.88

We take NO RESPONSIBILITY for any damage this software might cause!


There is stuff even less tested than the packages on this page...

A number of upcoming and never finished ports is waiting for you!
Be careful ;-)


You may be interested in the list of tools and libraries I have used to build the programs above. Including LessTif and MesaGL.

Important Notes

  • To my best knowledge all this software is free, i.e. it is legal for me to access the sources and publish the binaries. Since the sources are available online I do not publish them again.
    If you can't find the sources anywhere, send me an email and I'll give you a pointer.
  • Those packages fit directly into the XFree86/ directory tree when you "unzip" them. So you don't have to figure out yourself where to put all the different files (man pages, application defaults, binaries, documentation ...).
  • When porting software from un*x to OS/2 the handling of the different filesystems is a common problem. To reduce the number of remaining problems you should use the TVFS (Toronto Virtual File System) and avoid using drives letters: just put/link all your software on single partition. Often you won't even have a chance to access other drives without TVFS.
    The other critical issue is DOS vs. un*x text mode. Ensure that configuration files are not messed up!

What other people have built for XFree/2

Here's an attempt to create the [most complete list] of available ported software!
That page also features a list of [sites carrying X/2 software].