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LiveWire for the WorkPlace Shell is an object-oriented 32-bit multi-threaded professional communications program for OS/2 Warp.

LiveWire retains the great features of the text mode version of LiveWire (version 2.2) along with a set of new features and an excellent new interface.

Truly object-oriented, LiveWire is a collection of familiar WorkPlace objects (Terminal, Phone Book, and Log) that interact loosely. More than one terminal, phone book, and log object with its own settings can be created and in use on your desktop!

LiveWire's intuitive and elegant interface allows you to get online right away. Advanced users will find extremely pleasing the fully multi-threaded GUI.

LiveWire's feature list includes:

  • Expanded modem database
  • Enhanced secure host mode script
  • Log-based cost analysis system
  • Automatic phone book backup system
  • Threaded port open for faster response
  • Now works with network modem pools
  • IEMSI Logins
  • Group dial support
  • Fully configurable button bar
  • Font selection based upon terminal size
  • Support for TELNET
  • Exception management avoids desktop crashes
  • Object-Oriented WorkPlace Shell Interface
  • Efficient and elegant multi-threaded UI
  • Easy Install and DeInstall GUI programs
  • Mutiple online sessions at the same time
  • FAST text output, windowed or full screen
  • SEAMLESS switch between full screen text and graphics modes
  • Screens up to 132 characters wide and 75 deep
  • Full macro facility and character translation
  • Unlimited scroll-back viewer
  • Configurations for 200 popular modems
  • Internal protocols: Zmodem-32 Batch, Ymodem Batch, Xmodem, Xmodem CRC, Xmodem 1K, ASCII (Message transfer)
  • Automatically supports many OS/2 external protocols: Kermit, P, M2Zmodem...
  • REXX script language support: Script record capability, REXX script control panel
  • Multi-threaded phone book object
  • Phone book imports many other formats, including ZOC
  • Speed support up to 230,400 bps (w/ SIO)
  • Named pipe support
  • The following emulations: TTY, ANSI, VT-102 (132 column support w/ underline & bold), OS2You, AVATAR 0+, RIPterm 1.54
  • Includes a handy unzip utility
  • New TAP format allows the popular PMView image viewer to view GIFs, JPGs, and many other formats during file transfers.



AS IS, public domain binaries.