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LogiCOMM is a terminal communications program written specifically for OS/2 by authors T. Blahovici and E. Zuck of Logistique LMM. It mimics the look and feel of the DOS communications program ProComm. The program has been designed to provide access to many commonly used telecommunications tasks.


  • A 200 entry dialing library
  • Dialing queues and automatic redial
  • Telephone access code capabilities
  • Keyboard macros
  • Many common file transfer protocols, including:
    • XMODEM
    • XMODEM 1K
    • YMODEM
    • YMODEM-G
    • CompuServe QuickB protocol
  • Background communications capabilities.
  • The ability to run simultaneous communications sessions
  • Extensive on-line help facility
  • User-defined hot keys