Logitech Illuminated wireless keyboard K800

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Logitech Illuminated wireless keyboard K800
Rating: Very Good Cell green.gifCell green.gifCell green.gifCell green.gif
Driver: USBKBD

General Specs

  • Vendor ID :0x046D
  • Product ID :0xC52B (Logitech Unifying Transceiver)

General Comments

The Logitech Unifying Transceiver works for both "Logitech Illuminated wireless keyboard K800" and "Logitech Wireless Mouse M280". It was tested under OS/2 Warp 4.52 (MCP / ACP 4.52).

It stops responding frequently on pre-boot applications, e.g., pure DOS, BIOS setup, FreeLDR, QSINIT apps. After a cold reboot it works again and it works fine under OS/2 (I saw no times when it stops responding in OS/2, only in pre-boot environment). It is very annoying, but otherwise, it is very pleasant keyboard (it is wireless, charging from microusb, and having two rechargeable AA batteries inside, which could be replaced to batteries with more capacity. It uses Logitech Unifying receiver, which can be used together with a wireless mouse, like Logitech M280, supporting the same Unifying receiver.

The wireless keyboards/mice can be paired to an Unifying receiver by a win32 utility, downloaded from Logitech site. It is paired only once, and works without a special software on any OS. Also, the K800 keyboard has a backlight with adjusted brightness and a sensor of hands proximity. It turns off on inactivity and turns on when you bring your hands to it. Very pleasant in use, except for that it sometimes does not responding (only in BIOS pre-boot environment).