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Version 1.00 (Apr 2015)
Author Keith Merrington
License Freeware
Download LNameChk.zip

LNameChk is a validity checker for long file names as contained in the EA .LONGNAME

The main purpose of this utility is to check the longfilename of a file. A check is performed to see if the longfilename is:

  1. Decidedly different from the real name and therefore possibly incorrect
  2. A duplicate of the longfilename exists in the same directory

After scanning a directory or disk or subdirectory filters can be used to display either:

  • display all files
  • display only files that have a longname that does not match the real name
    • display only files with a longfilename
    • display only files that have been selected

Single or multiple files can be selected and batch processed to replace the longfilename with the real name and if required change it back again. Alternatively each longname can be edited/deleted or restored.