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Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (M.A.M.E.) allows you to play classic video arcade games (from the 70's through the 90's) on your computer.

M.A.M.E. is not a huge collection of games itself. In fact, it doesn't do much of anything by itself. It creates an environment in which original code for original arcade games can be run on your PC. It basically fools the original arcade code into thinking your PC is an arcade machine. In order to do this, it requires that the original arcade game's code be present on your computer. This code, taken straight from the ROM chips of the original arcade machines is run to give you an authentic gaming experience.

M.A.M.E. was designed to digitally preserve and document the classic games of our youth. Many of the old classic games have broken parts or bad monitors, so M.A.M.E. allows such games to live on.

Legal Information

The owning and use of copyrighted arcade ROMs is illegal without a valid license, written permission from the copyright holder, or a physical copy of the ROM chips themselves.

The MAME team takes no responsibility and cannot be held accountable for any loss, be it in the form of data or physical health, due to the use of this product. I cannot and will not be held accountable for any crimes that are committed, nor the destruction of any large landmasses during the use of this product.

Your use of this product marks your agreement to these terms.