MIRO 20SD - S3 864 - unable to use higher screen resolutions

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Last Updated: 5th December, 1994


Unable to use higher screen resolutions. Blank black screen while OS/2 is fully functional. Bad refresh rates. 1024x768x256 resolution corrupts character set and causes loss of right side of PM windows.


Miro Crystal 20SD PCI version, other S3 864 based video adapters.


Warp SVGA.EXE does not create a correct SVGADATA.PMI file.


Use a copy of the OS/2 2.11 SVGA.EXE under DOS (SVGA ON DOS) to create a SVGADATA.DOS file. Copy this file to your OS/2 partition as SVGADATA.PMI.


Due to the use of a backlevel SVGA.EXE the System Setup -> System object Screen pages may not be set up properly.

Paul Kolenbrander (paul@serena.iaehv.nl) will be providing a documentation file and a copy of the 2.11 SVGA.EXE at [[<http://www.iaehv.nl/users/paul/>]]

Frank McKenney