Manual Installation of HWMan Class

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This is also a good example on how to install a WPS Class manually on OS/2 and eComStation.

Manual Installation

Use this instructions only if you don't want to use the WarpIN installer. This is the manual way to register a class on WPS.


  1. copy the DLL (hwman.dll) to a convenient place
  2. open XWorkplace "WPS class list" object
    2. Using the WPS Class List Utility
  3. Do right click in class tree and select "register new class", select the DLL (hwman.dll) and specify "WPHwManagerEx" as the class to register
  4. refresh the "WPS class list" view by hitting F5 or do a WPS restart until "WPHwManagerEx" shows up in the "WPS class list" class tree
  5. open XWorkplace "WPS class list" object
  6. right click on "WPHwManager" and select "replace by subclass" (or whatever it's called in English)
  7. in the dialog select "WPHwManagerEx" which is a subelement of "WPHwManager"
  8. hit "OK
  9. restart WPS

If you attach and detach USB devices, you will need to hit F5 in the HWManager view to trigger an update of the view(s) (as always). I could implement a secondary thread to trigger the update on a regular basis but I didn't (save CPU for more important things).

The manual installation of this software is not longer necessary since it came with a WPI installer to register the WPS class without problems. The procedure is just listed here for information purposes.

2 - hwman.png
3 - hwman.png
4 - hwman.png
7 - hwman.png
8 - hwman.png
Once hwman class is installed you can see that WPHwManagerEX overrides WPHwManager.