Marketing Premiums Support of the OS/2 2.0 Launch

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March 31, 1992

In response to popular demand, IBM has arranged to make available OS/2 promotional items for your ordering convenience.

  • A bonded leather 21-month diary - with gold-edged pages, made for IBM by Letts of London. Price: 20 for $40.00. The diary, a truly high-quality item, measures approximately 7" x 3.5", has 64 pages, and includes:
    • IBM 800 numbers for end users
    • OS/2 highlights
    • HelpWare information
    • 21-month calendar starting April, 1992
    • Telephone number and address section, and other useful information
  • OS/2 lapel pins - five-ring logo with a goldtone band. Price: 50 for $32.50.
  • OS/2 mouse pads - five-ring logo beneath a hard surface textured top for smooth mousing. Price: 20 for $40.00.
  • Stickers - colorful OS/2 mottos to brighten up seminar rooms and desktops. Price: 100 for $10.00.
  • OS/2 balloons - red, yellow, blue and green, 11 inch round. Price: 100 for $10.00.

We encourage you to take advantage of these low-cost premiums in spreading the word about OS/2 Version 2.0.

If you have any questions, please call Sue at Lees/Keystone (914) 273-6755.


Please print or type information clearly.    DATE: ______________
                                             SHIP TO: ___________

Name __________________________   Name __________________________

Address _______________________   Address _______________________

City ____________State__Zip____   City____________State__Zip_____

Telephone______________________   FAX ___________________________

Dept. _________OR Branch#____     Date Needed By: _______________

Authorized Signature: ___________________________

Contact Name: ___________________________________

Call if you have a specific "needed by" date.

____________________ORDERING INFORMATION_______________________
ITEM NO. DESCRIPTION                    QTY      PRICE    TOTAL
               (With sizes and colors if applicable)






                     Sub-total                  _________________
                     Add New York
                     State sales tax (if applicable)
                     or list tax
                     exempt # below             $________________
                     handling charge per order  $___________6.00_

                                         TOTAL  $________________

Please specify colors and sizes on items where applicable.


    OS/2 Marketing Premiums
    C/0 Lees/Keystone, Inc.
    Contact: Sue
    1 Byram Brook Place
    Armonk, New York 10504    ALL SHIPMENTS F.O. B. Warehouse
         (914) 273-6755       Your final invoice will include
         FAX (914) 273-9187   all shipping and handling charges



Please include a check with your order; Lees/Keystone will not accept credit cards. Note these helpful and important guidelines below when ordering. Also, please don't forget to include an authorized signature on your order.


All shipments will be billed for freight, F.O.B. Warehouse.

Merchandise will normally go out within three (3) working days. Same day or next day shipments can be accommodated with a twenty dollar handling fee.

IBM offices will be billed upon receipt of order; other parties must send check with order.

All shipments will be UPS ground unless otherwise requested, in which case you will be billed for actual freight charges. If you are paying in advance, by check, please add 10 percent for shipping.

If one of the item(s) on your order is temporarily out-of-stock due to material shortage or unanticipated seasonal or promotional demands, we will ship that item(s) in 3-4 weeks.


Terms are net upon receipt of invoice.

All invoices will be billed to the attention of the designated buyer or manager placing the order.


Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be of service to you. If you ever need a special item for a specific promotion which is not shown in this catalog, contact Lees/Keystone, Inc. and we will be glad to personally help you with your needs.


Item                      Description                 Qty       Price

101       21-Month Bonded Leather Diary                20      $40.00
102       Mouse Pad                                    20       40.00
103       Lapel Pins                                   50       32.50
104       Stickers, 5 Assorted Mottos                 100       10.00
105       Balloons                                    100       10.00
106       Key Holder (6 color logo)                     1        1.10
107       Paper Clip Dispenser (black, w 6 color logo)  1        3.35
108a      T-Shirts (heavy weight, 100% cotton
                    white w 6 color logo)               1        5.80
108b      T-Shirts (heavy weight, 100% cotton           1        6.80
                    black w 6 color logo)
109       Faber Castell U-Ball (black w 1 color logo)   1        1.00
110       Faber Castell Pen and Pencil Set (black w
                                       1 color logo)    1        2.85
111       Plastic Shopping Bags (printed 2 sides
                                 w 6 color logo)     1000      295.00
112       Writing Folder (black vinyl w 6 color logo)   1       14.20
113       Post-it Notes pads 3x4" (6 color logo)        1         .62
114       Coffee Mug (white, 11 oz. ceramic,
                     w 6 color logo)                    1        3.75
115a      Contemporary Sports Cap
             (cotton w 6 color logo)                    1        8.15
115b      Regular Sports Cap                            1        3.70
116       Parker Insignia Stainless CT w clip emblem    1       14.50
117       Parker Rollerball (white w 6 color logo)      1        5.40
118       Golf-size Umbrella (black/white panels,
                             6 color imprint)           1       20.65
119       Hacker Letter Opener (looks like computer
                               disk w 6 color logo)     1        1.80
120       Soft-side Briefcase (black cotton duck,
                           embroidered w 6 color logo)  1       26.80
121       Computer Wrist Rest                           1        2.95
122       Golf Shirt/Staff Shirt (embroidered, 100%
                         cotton, many colors avail.)    1       23.50
123       100% Cotton Shaker Sweater (embroidered
                                      black or bone)    1       34.55
124       Parker Insigna Black Laque Ball Pen (lasered
                          1 color logo on clip emblem)  1       24.40
125       Titliest DT 90 Golf Balls (1  color logo)    12       32.60
126       Sweatshirt Regular Style, 100% cotton         1       11.55

Prices are subject to change due to final determination of OS/2 logo placement and imprinting method. (Prices are those of Lees/Keystone)