MathCad 5.0 under Win-OS/2

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Last update: 6th November, 1995


MathCad 5.0 fails under Win-OS/2. Symptoms include:

One or more system component is of older version.

Pushing "OK" takes me back to the Desktop.

On running the program after opening WIN-OS2, I get the following:

Win 32s-Error
Missing numeric co-processor virtual device driver (VMCPD)

Pushing "OK" gives

One of the library files needed to run this application is damaged. Please reinstall this application.

Reinstalling Mathcad 5.0+ does not change anything.


I recalled having updated Windows 32S files recently. The new files have a date of 9/1/94 on them. The comparable Warp files are dated 9/23/93.

The updating also erased certain files in the WIN32S folder.


Restoring the appropriate files from the backup restored operations.

By George Lawniczak

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