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MidiLab/2 is a MIDI Sequencer, Editor and data manager application for OS/2 Warp. Its primary functions- Record, Overdub, Playback, and Track Edit, and the other supporting functions, are controlled by CUA compliant PM user interface controls.


MidiLab/2 exploits the power of OS/2, including 32-bit operation, multi-threading, and Presentation Manager functions. It features minimal hardware and storage requirements while providing a high level of function and performance. MidiLab/2 supports the MIDI 1.0 File Specification. There are no special hardware nor software requirements other than a Roland MPU-401/IPC/IMC MIDI Processing Unit (or a compatible OEM unit which emulates the MPU in UART mode), and any system capable of running OS/2 Version 3.

While a musician unfamiliar with computers should be able to readily use MidiLab/2 as a multi-track recorder, its full capability can best be realized with a reasonable knowledge of MIDI concepts and terminology, and general computer operation. It is assumed the user is familiar with MIDI-compatible equipment, and is aware of the role of a sequencer in a MIDI-based audio system.

MidiLab/2 targets the Multimedia creator, the MIDI musician, and hobbyists/home users in general as potential users of the program.


  • Full exploitation of OS/2
  • Sixteen tracks available for simultaneous playback
  • Record/Overdub a predetermined number of measures
  • Dynamic editing of track data with audio/visual presentation
  • MIDI data stream editing at the byte or measure level
  • Selective filtering of unwanted MIDI data
  • Can synchronize with external MIDI/SMPTE clock
  • Remote control capability from any MIDI device
  • Transposition and velocity adjustment
  • Note Quantization
  • System Exclusive dump/restore utility
  • Support of MIDI 1.0 file standard
  • No pre-requisite software (except for the high resolution timer)
  • Online HELP provides introduction, user's guide, and reference information including MIDI tutorial.


  • Shareware / Discontinued


James L. Bell