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Version 3.1.9a
Author Kevin Langman
License Several
Download mikmod2k-319-a.zip
Website Official MikMod Project Homepage

MikMod is a cross platform Module Player that support all of the common module formats including compressed IT files (I believe that was a first for OS/2). MikMod is split into two packages, MikMod Library (MikMod2.dll) and MikMod Player (Mikmod.exe).

MikModPM is an OS/2 PM interface to the MikMod Library. MikModPM has many of the standard features of common module players.


Aug 12 2001

  • Release a new distrbution. This one included the MikMod library 3.1.9-a and my MikModPM Version 1.0 GUI interface.

April 4 2000

  • MikModPM (V0.99) that now contains a Random Play option and Bubble help.

This distributions has:

  • A binary version of MikMod the Player version 3.1.6-a
  • A binary version of the MikMod Library version 3.1.9-a
  • My OS/2 GUI MikMod based player (MikModPM) version 1.0


  • MidModPM - Freeware
  • Mikmod is GNU GPL
  • libmikmod is GNU LGPL