Mixed Mode Semaphore Support

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Last Updated: 18th January, 1995


32-bit Multithreaded Client Software which uses the 16-bit PDBLIB.DLL SQL Server Communications Library no longer function. Other applications which mix 16-bit semaphore functions with 32-bit semaphore functions will be affected. Typically, the 16-bit functions are contained in a DLL which is provided in pre-compiled format and not in source form.


This is a kernel problem and not hardware related.


The WARP Kernel appears to be mixing the 16-bit semaphore table and the 32-bit semaphore table. This causes the 16-bit semaphores to fail to work correctly because the implementation of semaphores was changed between the 16-bit versions of OS/2 and the 32-bit versions of OS/2


The work-around is to either recompile the 32-bit client software to use the Single Thread runtime library.

This problem is in solution and has been assigned APAR PJ08330.

By Keith Medcalf (kmedcalf@io.org)

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