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Monolith was shutting down all their services due to financial problems.

13/08/1998 - mlup v1.52 with InJoy 1.1+ integration!

mlup is an OS/2 Rexx script, written to let you automatically update your hostname data at the MonoLith site. mlup works best with the InJoy dialer. When used with InJoy, mlup will update your hostname information each time you connect to your ISP, and - if InJoy is properly configured - will remove hostname information before you disconnect.

If you don't know what this script does, you'll probably want to take a look at the MonoLith site.

Shortly: it is a way to let you have a static host name, even if you have a dynamic IP (one that changes each time you connect to your ISP). EG: I have a dynamic IP, but whenever I'm connected to the net, you can find my PC at This hostname is remapped to the correct IP each time I connect to my ISP. Also, when you disconnect, mlup can temporarily disable the hostname resolving, so that no one will mistakenly get your hostname. Now, go to the MonoLith site, look for the dyndns service, and register for your own hostname (it is FREE!); you will then be able to automatically keep it up-to-date with mlup.


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