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By Doug Bissett

From the very beginning, OS/2 Warp came with out-of-the-box modem support for a very diverse set of modems. Despite what Internet Service Providers claim, newer technologies like DSL and cable access have not killed modem Internet connections. However, many of the older, OS/2 supported modems, are no longer available today, and newer and faster modems have come, as replacements, for the older ones. Of course, a lot of these newer devices are compatible with OS/2 and eComStation, and, hopefully, you will find the required information to get them going here.

This list was originally derived from the MODEM.LST file, found in the MPTN\ETC directory on your boot drive. Hopefully, all additions, or changes, are correct, but we are just posting what we are told. If you have new information, or corrections, you may e-mail me at: Please use "OS/2 MODEM INFORMATION" in the subject line. Please NOTE: This information is very incomplete, at this time. With your help, we should be able to make this web page a good source of modem information. Please report the working devices you use by filling in this form. We would like to thank everyone who assist(ed) and support(ed) this project.

We were supplying an updated MODEM.LST file, but it appears that absolutely NOTHING uses that file anymore, so it has been discontinued. Any required settings (the initialization strings)are available from this web page. You can still download it as a reference, but keep in mind the table below is more accurate and contains more devices than the modem.lst file.

This table should be in alphabetical order, by manufacturer, then model. If you don't find your modem listed, try the strings of something similar. When you do get your modem to work, properly, please fill in this form, so we can update the table. Use the table, as a guide to the information that we need. You can also tell us about modems that do NOT work, and we will include that information as well. The items with red background have been reported to NOT work, if you find a way to make them work, please fill in the form, with specific information. The items in green background have been tested, and work correctly. The original devices from the list will have a white background, and should work. Click on the Modem name, for more information.

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