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OS/2 Related Contents

File Name Description
AC35MUSO.ZIP Accu-Music System v3.5 <ASP> Create music on your computer. Use text-based editor to enter notes; transpose music to change key signatures or raise/lower music by half steps; play music on PC speaker.
ADAPTOR.ZIP Automatic DAta Parallelism TranslatOR transforms data parallel programs written

in Fortran with array extensions, parallel loops and layout directives to parallel programs with explicit message passing.

AFE231.ZIP Archive Front End v2.31. Visual front end for the creation, updating, unarchiving, virus scanning, viewing, printing and eleting of ZIP, LZH, ZOO and ARJ files.
ALRMP14G.ZIP AlarmPro v1.4G. All purpose organizer w/calendar, autodialer, and other utilities.
ALTBT120.ZIP Albatross v1.20 - Compact Disc player for OS/2.
ARCM20.ZIP Archive Manager; multithreaded PM front end for PKZIP, InfoZIP 5.x, and LH.
BA2100A.ZIP Back Again/2 (formerly Back & Forth) update w/32-bit, multithreading, HPFS & EA backup, more!
BAKINI.ZIP REXX .cmd file that automatically backs up changed *.ini files each time the computer is started. Put in the startup folder.
BAR1.ZIP BaR is a PM-based front end for OS/2's backup and restore text-based programs.
BJOS2.ZIP BJC-600 drivers for OS/2.
BKUPWP14.ZIP WPS-Backup v1.4. Backs up OS/2 Desktop, config.sys, sys.inis, startup.cmd, and tcpstart.cmd to multiple diskettes.
BLANK21.ZIP Screen Blanker 2.1 32-bit screen saver for OS/2 2.1.
BMDEMO1D.ZIP Backmaster 1.01 Demo: OS/2 backup tape demo.
BMPVIEW1.ZIP VX-REXX BMP viewer for OS/2 using dialog Boxes. Very Easy to use!
BNAME211.ZIP Uncloaked names for the XR06200b OS/2 service Pack.
BNF100.ZIP Back & Forth personal backup software for OS/2 2.1 featuring 32-bit speed, compression, HPFS, EA, and multithreaded backup support
BOOTD2.ZIP REXX pgm makes two disk floppy boot for 2.11. New support for CD-ROM and third party BASEDEV drivers, with options taken from your CONFIG.SYS file.
BOOTFL.ZIP Creates a 3.5" bootable floppy for OS/2. With the new floppy, the user no longer has to use the 2-floppy technique (Installation Diskette, Diskette 1).
BOS2259B.ZIP BinkleyTerm 2.59a beta for OS/2 includes second executable compiled with Microsoft Visual C and linked with Microsoft C 6.0 runtimes.
BOXOS26A.ZIP Boxer v6.0a. Powerful, top-rated text editor! Already a favorite of DOS users, Full-featured editor with a smooth, courteous interface.
BW212OS2.ZIP Bluewave offline reader v2.12. 32 bit, multithreaded, and QWK capabilities.
B_DIR.ZIP DIR replacement w/ highlighting, dir sizing,etc.
CDPROB.ZIP CD-ROM/Audio Questions and Answers. Commonly asked questions concerning CD-ROM devices and audio used with Multimedia Presentation Manager/2.
CDSP21.ZIP OS/2 supported CD-ROM drives.
CDTHRU.ZIP Small OS/2 utility that tests the throughput of a CD drive at various blocksizes.
CEDIT11.ZIP CEdit v.1.1. Full-screen Norton Editor compatible text editor. Long filename support, edits files up to 50Mb, unlimited line length, unlimited number of lines.
CENV2_19.ZIP CENVI v1.009 <ASP> Gives the OS/2

professional a complete C-like environment, including the standard library and kernel/DLL calls, in an easy-to- use form.

CFGS_11.ZIP Describes how to considerably decrease
                              OS/2's boot-up time.
CHGW.ZIP Change that window. CHGW.exe will toggle an
                              OS/2 text window between 24 and 53 line
                              mode. Great for those long dir listings.
CMDFLD13.ZIP Adds an OS/2 box to folders groups.
CMDLINE1.ZIP Powerful data input routine for OS/2's REXX.
CMDSHELL.ZIP CMDShell v1.0. Set your command line based
                              applications up to prompt you for
                              paramaters before executing under PM.
COMINF.ZIP Information on com ports under OS/2. Hints,
                              tips, supported configurations.
COMM21.ZIP OS/2 2.1 COMM driver. Update and fixes.
                              Contains PCMCIA support...
CPOSTSRC.ZIP Typset C programs in postscript for OS/2.
CRYPT1_0.ZIP Crypt v1.0 - Create and solve cryptoquotes,
                              for OS 2.x.
CWIZ13.ZIP ConfigWiz version 1.3; Notebook- style
                              editor/optimizer for OS/2 startup files.
DATERGF1.ZIP REXX procedures for working with sorted
                              dates in OS/2.
DB02_SRC.ZIP DiamondBase RDBMS for emx and BC /2
                              (source) for OS/2.
DCOPYPM9.ZIP PM file manager, with configurable pop-up
DCPY20.ZIP Dcopy - powerful diskette copying utility.
                              Mutithreading. Allows diskettes to be
                              copied directly to each other, and to be
                              copied to image files on a hard disk.
DESY110.ZIP 4OS/2 file description editor.
DES_OS2.ZIP DES is an encrypting algorithm.
                              Encrypt/decrypt your files.
DEVCON3.ZIP Text file(s) describing the Developers
                              connection CD ROM contents.
DMINE121.ZIP DMine v1.2.1. 32-Bit MineSweeper. Scalable
                              grid squares, new features: 20x20 grid
                              bitmaps created so 1024x768 users won't see
DMPLY101.ZIP OS/2 MOD player for MMPM/2 v1.01.
DOC211.ZIP Documentation and readme updates for CSD
DOCSBOOT.ZIP Replacement for OS/2's bootmanager.
DUDF12.ZIP 32 bit du and df (unix disk commands)
                              ported to OS/2 version 1.11.
DW11.ZIP Disk Watch v1.1. Sounds an alarm if the
                             amount of available disk space is reduced
                             below a specified minimum.
EMACSINF.ZIP GNU Emacs 19 manuals, INF format.
EMXFIX04.ZIP Fix package for emx 0.8h. It contains all
                              fixes of,, and
                    , and new fixes. Moreover, it
                              adds some new features.
ENTRTAN2.ZIP Entertainment Pack for OS/2 v2 includes six
EPMGCC10.ZIP EMX/GCC interface to EPM 5.1.
FACESOS2.ZIP Allows emacs 19.x (should work with 19.19
                              and higher) to recognize bold and italic
                              fonts automatically, when the font name is
                              given in OS/2 naming format.
FAQ21E.ZIP Tim Sipples OS/2 FAQ. Release 4-4-1994
FB_17B.ZIP FileBar v1.7b - OS/2 Application Launch
                              Facility and WPS replacement package allows
                              program launching, task jumping and shut
FC2_102.ZIP FileCommander v1.02. Norton Commander Clone
                             supports treemode and 3 HPFS filename view
                             modes, 25 and 50 line screen mode, internal
                             and external editor.
FDTN_02.ZIP Using OS/2 2.1 GA with FrontDoor 2.02 and
                             above (and RemoteAccess).
FILEB_18.ZIP FileBar v1.8. Menubar utility launches OS/2
                             applications and switches tasks.
FIXKEY.ZIP Designed to fix OS/2's very annoying
                             problem of not recognizing certain keys on
                            some 101 keyboards.
FLC102US.ZIP Floppy-Copy a 32-bit PM diskcopy w/ various
                             features for OS/2.
FLEETB85.ZIP FleetStreet v0.85wb. Flexible and powerful
                             message reader for Squish & .MSG areas,
                              multithreaded, 32 bit, drag'n'drop. English
                              & German version.
FLST120.ZIP FastLiST for OS/2: Fast, flexible and
                              powerful version 7 nodelist compiler.
FM2_136.ZIP FM/2 v.1.36 - PM based file manager - a
                              "Super Drives Object" file manager with
                              additional features, done by the author of
                              AV, can handle archives as well.
FMCRDS.ZIP Solitaire Pack for OS/2 - seven solitaire
                              card games.
FONTFOLD.ZIP OS/2 2.1 ATM Font Manager v1.01a. Organize
                              your ATM fonts and preview, install and
                              remove OS/2 fonts with simple point and
                              click operations.
FP2DEMO.ZIP Footprint v2.0 Demo - Tracks I/O usage of
                             OS/2 applications.
FSP2_10.ZIP File Transfer Protocol v1.0. TCP/IP dependent network data transfer protocol.
FTPOS194.ZIP Listing of all OS/2 files on the anonymous
                              ftp site
GALCIV65.ZIP Screen shots from the upcoming OS/2 game, Galactic Civilization.
GAMEOS22.ZIP List of settings for OS/2 for DOS Based games.
GNUCHESS.ZIP GNU Chess v. 4.0-pl65. (Heuristic?) Chess program. Now with mouse support.
GPHER161.ZIP Gopher v1.61 - Internet Gopher utility for OS/2, requires OS/2 TCP/IP v1.2.1.
GRX01B.ZIP GraphX is a data plotting utility, to
                             produce scattergrams or histograms with the
                             possibility to choose between point styles,
                             line styles, etc.
GUSOS201.ZIP An installable MMPM for OS/2.
GZT0194.ZIP Midwestern OS/2 newsletter (Winter 94) postscript.
HAZ12.ZIP Hazel v1.2. Address Book/Dialer for OS/2 Presentation Manager.
HELRES12.ZIP Heli rescue v1.2 by K-Soft. Native OS/2 multilevel arcade game. You fly a
                              helicopter and your mission is to rescue
                              all hostages and return to the base.
HHGOS2_1.ZIP The Hitchhikers Guide to OS/2 #1.
HHGOS2_2.ZIP Hitchikers Guide to the OS/2 v2.
HHGOS2_4.ZIP The Hitchhiker's Guide to OS/2; an INF file
                              of trivia and news.
HOPALONG.ZIP Hopalong release 1.0. Module designed for
                              the OS/2 screen saver "ScreenSaver".
HPDJET.ZIP OS/2 HP DeskJet Printer Driver version 13.409.
HPFSDFRG.ZIP Defragment files on an OS/2 HPFS drive.
HUMANEKO.ZIP Human Neko for OS/2. Instead of a cat
                             chasing your mouse, this displays a small
                             human chasing the mouse.
ICBM101.ZIP ICBM OS/2 Boot-up Manager v1.01. Fully
                              configurable. Can specify non-default
                             COMMAND interpreter and parameters to same.
                             ie. 4OS2, etc.
ICFOS2.ZIP Inventory Capture Facility v1.7. System
                              inventory program reports on programs
                              installed, network data, memory, cmos,
                              other system information and what
                              microchannel boards are installed.
ILGDM120.ZIP DirMaster v1.20. Directory manager. 2 dir
                              windows (enhanced listboxes) move - copy,
                              move, clone, delete, -Qui makedir, rename,
INIHLP.ZIP IniMaint and SysMaint Help - text file.
INIMT30K.ZIP Ini File Maintenance v.3.0k. PM based
                              utility that will display, maintain, copy
                              or move all OS/2 and user INI files.
INSINF.ZIP 80 page ASCII TEXT file from the 800# that
                              contains information on a variety of
                              Install Problems for OS/2 2.x.
ISPELL40.ZIP Port to OS/2 1.x-2.x of GNU ISpell v4.0.
JOVW122B.ZIP JoeView v.1.22b - Image viewer with print,
                              clipboard & slideshow capabilities -
                              supports: TARGA, PBM, Sun Raster, PCX,
                              JPEG, GIF, X11 BMP, TIFF, OS/2 BMP and
                              WIndows BMP.
KED207.ZIP KEd v.2.07. Character mode editor - 32 Bit
                              - HPFS Support - Macros - Unlimited number
                              of files - huge file sizes - cut and paste
                              - extensive online hypertext help.
KLZIP015.ZIP OS/2 PM Front End for ZIP and UNZIP public
                              domain archiver utility.
KMP11.ZIP Keymaster Pro hotkey utility v1.1 for OS/2.
KUVERT20.ZIP Kuvert/2 2.0 util to print address labels
                              and envelops for OS/2.
LANAD12.ZIP PM utility to execute server commands.
                              Needs VROBJ.DLL (not included).
LB04.ZIP Liberty BASIC for OS/2 v0.4 beta. Ported
                              from Windows version. Create your own OS/2
                              GUI programs easily with graphics,
                              dialog-boxes, more.
LGOPHR10.ZIP LA Gopher v1.00beta940325. 32-bit
                              multi-threaded Gopher Client for IBM TCP/IP
                              v1.2.1 or later and OS/2 2.1 or later.
LIST1_20.ZIP A text file viewer with long filename support and regular expression text search.
LIVENET.ZIP Configuration and REXX .CMD files from
                            LiveNet OS/2 BBS. Examples for running
                             Maximus and BinkleyTerm under OS/2, or
                            converting to REXX.
LJET.ZIP HP LaserJetPrinter Driver v1.3.410.
LNVREM.ZIP Remote Program Launch v2.0. Launches OS/2
                              or Windows applications from LAN NetView
                              managing stations.
                              programs to secure and enhance OS/2 2.x
                              TCP/IP TelnetD.
LTIMES32.ZIP LA Times v3.2. 32-bit multi-threaded PM app
                              for reading NNTP news via Internet.
                              Requires IBM TCP/IP V1.2.1 or later and
                              access to an NNTP news server.
MAN11A.ZIP This is a replacement for Un*x man(1),
                              apropos(1), whatis(1), and manpath(1).
MB211.ZIP REXX program to create a boot diskette for
                              OS/2 2.11. Creates 3.5: HD diskettes only.
                              Requires OS/2 2.1 installed.
MEM211.ZIP Replacement DLL for 20MEMU that will allow
                              it to work under OS/2 2.11 SP. Both
                              packages are REQUIRED, and 20MEMU must be
                              install FIRST.
MEMSZ230.ZIP MemSize v2.30. Monitor your system memory,
                              swap file, free disk space and current
                              system load.
MLABV2.ZIP MidiLab/2 is a MIDI Sequencer and Editor
                              for the OS/2 environment.  This new version
                              requires that the OS/2 MMPM/2 is installed.
MN0194.ZIP MNOS2 Threads Jan '94 Newsletter - IPF
                              Versio Viewable online in OS/2 with the
                              VIEW command Produced for MNOS2.
MOD.ZIP Digital Music Player - MOD player. Fully
                              exploits MMPM/2 and will work on any MMPM/2
                              supported device. Supports drag/drop of
                              .mod files.
MOUINF.ZIP Tips and Information on various mouse and
                              pointer devices under OS/2.
MOUSIZE.CMD REXX Cmd file to change the size of the
                              mouse cursor or force the system to select
MR2THSRS.ZIP MR/2 Thesaurus Word Database v1.0. Unpack
                              the file MR2THSRS.BIN into your MR/2
                              directory to enable the thesaurus built
                              into MR/2's internal editor.
MR2_200.ZIP MR/2 v.2.00 - QWK compatible mail reader.
                              Menu/picklist driven, mouse support, thread
                              summary, multithreaded searching, address
                              book, internal editor, speller.
MSGMRG.ZIP Message Manager - Maintain CompuServe
                              message archives. Merges multiple message
                              files together while removing duplicates.
MWAVE2.ZIP Wavemaker for OS/2 and DOS. Generates sine,
                              pulse and triangle waves and writes it in a
NEXTBAR.ZIP How to create a desktop with a NeXT-like file bar.
NGVPM10.ZIP The Norton Guide Viewer v1.0. The fastest .NG viewer for PM. Includes color, underline, bold, searching, copy to clipboard, toolbar, printing, and more!
NLIVE121.ZIP 9 Lives v1.21. Desktop expander. Makes many "virtual desktops" available to the user, instead of the standard one, reducing window clutter.
NLMERGE.ZIP Merges nodediff into nodelist each week (os/2 native).
O2ACEBB1.ZIP How to Configure OS/2 to run optimally with your BBS with limited system resources. Includes an almost complete walkthru of 4DOS/4OS2 setups for use with the shareware PMSHELL replacement Mshell. Lots of Tips and Helps!!
OAKOS2.ZIP OS/2 Drivers For The Oak SVGA Cards. Self Extracting to Diskette.
OBACK203.ZIP OBACKUP and ORESTORE back up and restore data from/to hard disks and floppies. Optional compression.
OCLN113.ZIP McAfee's Clean for OS/2.
OS2256.BMP 256 color wallpaper.
OS2APP.ZIP Listing of OS/2 applications.
OS2CFG8.ZIP Updated OS/2 Config File Description.
OS2FAQE.ZIP OS/2 Frequently Asked Questions List by Timothy Sipples.
OS2GFC.ZIP Graphical file comparison program. Compares
                              2 files on disk and notes lines that are
                              common to both. A bar chart is drawn giving
                              overall view of which lines match, text of
                              either file, or composite.
OS2TS12.ZIP ET4000/w32 video drivers for the Hercules
                              Dynamite video card. Fixes problems with
                              the OS/2 2.11 CSD.
OS2UG.ZIP Listing of OS/2 Users Groups.
OS2V1.ZIP First issue of an electronic pub for OS/2 users and prospective
OS2V12.ZIP OS/2 2.1 Mach 8 and Mach 32 ATI Video Drivers Direct from ATI BBS v1.2.
OS2W32.ZIP Tseng Labs ET4000/W32, ET4000/W32i and ET4000/W32p display driver.
OS2WORLD.ZIP OS/2 BBS's Across the World List March 1994. Includes TE/2 dialing directories.
OS2_INTR.ZIP OS/2 New User Introduction (Revised 27 Feb
OSCR200A.ZIP VirusScan for OS/2 version 2.00 4/1/94 virus data files by McAfee, Inc. Scans and cleans PC's/LAN's for known and new viruses. Requires OS/2 2.0GA or above.
OTHELL10.ZIP Othello v1.0. 32-bit, multi-threaded implementation of Reversi which plays substantially stronger than the version of Reversi shipped with OS/2.
P1MMAPR1.ZIP Collection of APARs for OS/2 related products in .INF format. MMPM/2.
P1NWAPR1.ZIP APAR list for Novell's Netware Requester
                              for OS/2. Lists recorded APARS along with
                              the action/solution to the problems for
                              Netware LAN requester for OS/2.
P1TCAPR1.ZIP Collection of APARs for OS/2 related products. TCP/IP.
P1TKAPR1.ZIP Collection of APARs for OS/2 related products. OS/2 Toolkit, Workframe/2, C Set/2, C Set.
PCD15.ZIP Shows Photo-CD's in a fullscreen session. DOS/OS2.
PCL3.ZIP OS/2 IBM PCL3 Printer Driver v1.108.
PCONF180.ZIP Phantom-Tele-Conference-System v1.72.
PEG110.ZIP Pegasus Resourse Monitor 1.1 for OS/2 PM New integer engine added.
PFAQ30.ZIP OS/2 Programming FAQ, version 3.0.
PLUMA101.ZIP Pluma Word Processor v.1.01. What You See Is What You Get word processor - ability to handle imbedded graphics - installed ATM fonts are supported.
PMCC11.ZIP PM Control Center v1.1. Two user definable button bars, program launching and file maintenance package.
PMD21ED.ZIP Pm Diskcopy v2.1d. Copy floppy disks and create image files.
PMDIFF27.ZIP PMDiff v2.7. Side-by-side graphical file comparison - fully integrated with OS/2's Workplace Shell - To compare files, simply drag and drop them onto the PMdiff object, or onto the running application.
PMJPG163.ZIP PMJPEG v1.63 - multiformat graphics file viewer and converter.
PMMPEG.ZIP OS/2 Presentation Manager MPEG movie player package.
PMP212.ZIP PM Patrol v2.12. Performance and resource
                               monitoring tool. Data sampled is capable of
                               being recorded to the OS/2 clipboard.
PMST11.ZIP PMStock v1.1. Download quotes automatically
                               from Prodigy, collect data, symbol by
                               symbol, chart stocks with moving averages
                               and print.
PMSYSLV.ZIP PMSysLvl provides a Presentation Manager
                               interface to the IBM OS/2 SysLevel command.
                               By displaying the data in a notebook
                               format, the data is easier to use.
PMVD025.ZIP PMVDesk virtual desktop screen manager.
PMVU86B.ZIP PM View version 0.86b. Many great updates
                               since v0.86.
PMXEYES.ZIP PMxEyes, a PM Program displaying eyes
                               following your mousepointer everywhere.
POLYLINE.ZIP Polyline v1.0. Module designed for the OS/2
                               screen saver "ScreenSaver".
PRNFIX.TXT OS/2 Printer Fix/Update listing (ASCII
                               text) v2.11. ASCII text file listing the
                               history of fixes and changes to all the
                               OS/2 printer driver packages.
PRNMAP.TXT OS/2 Printer Fix/Update listing (ASCII
                               text) v2.11. Lists many plotter/printer
                               models and tells you what OS/2 printer
                               driver to install under OS/2 to use them.
PROB211.ZIP Problems with the OS/2 2.11 Service Pack
PTDEM3.ZIP Pegasus Tools Monitor v1.1. DEMO. Features
                               working post processing.
QVDM102.ZIP Query/save/load os/2 vdm settings to/fr
RCOPY.ZIP RCopy v1.2. An extension of the OS/2 Copy
                               command. In addition to the parameter
                               controlled functions, it will displays
                               progress messages, prompt to continue if
                               the file already exists, and copy files to
                               multiple disks.
RDX200.ZIP REXX command-line directory changer.

Optional wildcards, search multiple drives and lookup table for frequently-used directories.

REXXDATE.ZIP DLL with date functions for REXX.

Difference in days, is it leap year.

ROIDS20.ZIP ROIDS 2.0 PM Asteroid Game.
RXBAS120.ZIP RexxBase - External OS/2 DLL allows REXX

programs to process dBase files. Contains several REXX API to process up to 10 dBase files at a time.

RXMULCH.ZIP RxMulch is a simple REXX-program which allows for counting the occurrences of a string in a file and for replacing strings in a file.
SEAHAVEN.ZIP Seahaven Towers. Solitaire card game for OS/2.
SEAMWIN4.ZIP WIN-OS/2 utility. Speeds up starting seamless Win/OS2 sessions by being active all the time without using any resources or polling the keyboard.
SETWIN.ZIP SetWin v1.1. Move and size windowed OS/2 command prompts from either the command line or from within batch files.
SHTDWN01.ZIP PM Shutdown is a small 32-Bit application to pop up a dialog box to ask whether you want to perform a shutdown. With source.
SOMBRS.ZIP SOM class browser prototype.
SORT32B.ZIP OS/2 2.1 Fast virtual sort. Sorts up to 16 fields at one time. Limit of 999,999 records. Text files Only.
SOUNDC.ZIP This document gives an overview of the sound cards with OS/2 support. It also defines some common OS/2-related multimedia terms.
SSAV11M.ZIP Screen saver module for Screen Saver 1.1 for OS/2.
SSAVER2X.ZIP Screen Saver! Includes modules and sample code for writing your own mods!
TCPSTART.ZIP Guide to getting started with OS/2 networking using IBM's TCP/IP software
TE2_130T.ZIP TE/2 Test Drive v1.30. Full-featured communications program.
TEAM05.ZIP Team OS/2 member list as of March 25, 1994
TEAMLOG2.ZIP TeamOS/2 logo. In various formats. Postscript, PCX, BPM (Bitmap!), etc.
TEST80.ZIP Working Example of RxQueue & InterProg Comm. (REXX)
TEXPRT14.ZIP A text mode shell for emTeX for OS/2.
TNEW04.ZIP TeamOS/2 Newsletter. Feb/94. OS/2 INF format. Use the OS/2 VIEW facility.
TNEW05.ZIP Team OS/2 Newsletter (INF Format), March/April 1994
TRICKS3.ZIP Jan/94 version of "Stupid OS/2 Tricks", very useful.
TRSHCN13.ZIP Trashcan for OS/2 Desktop works better than the shredder.
TSHELL05.ZIP Tshell, text based protected mode OS/2 shell. It does not initialize the

Presentation Manager; only OS/2 text, DOS and Windows sessions will WORK.

TWCP132.ZIP TWCP v1.32. Text Windows Cut & Paste with mouse like X-Window - option to eliminate last return - works also with entry fields.
UG800INF.ZIP This is a USER GUIDE for people that call the 800# Support Center. Contains useful information for anyone who calls the 800#.
UNDEL102.ZIP UndelPM v1.02. OS/2 Undelete replacement.
UNZ51X2.ZIP 32 bit freeware Unzip v5.1 by Info-Zip. Supports PKZip 2.0 format.
UNZIP10S.ZIP UnZip Shell v1.0s. PM front end for ZIP files. Uses UNZIP.EXE for compatibility with ZIP files created with PKZIP (as of v2.04) and other Zip utilities.
V7NL.ZIP 32-bit dynamic link library provides an API to access a Fidonet version 7 nodelist.
VASPBTA1.ZIP Adaptec Virtual ASPI Driver Beta #1. VASPI driver for DOS and Windows sessions within OS/2.
VDMS_110.ZIP VDM Server Utility v1.10. Gives a detached (background) process the ability to execute a DOS command in a DOS (VDM) Session.
WCAT11.ZIP WatchCat v1.1. Makes it possible to recover from system hangs that block keyboard and mouse input.
WILLUTIL.ZIP Customize many characteristics of OS/2, including controlling the numlock key, window scrolling, system beeps, menu operation, etc.
WINSPO.ZIP WinSpool v0.5b OS/2 Print Spooler. Solves printing conflicts. Dramatically improves printing/plotting speed. Lets DOS programs use Print Manager. Works on: Networks, 3.1, NT, WFW, OS/2 Requires VBRUN300.DLL
WOR_11.ZIP Wizard of Wor clone. Requires the "Game Interface" already installed.
WPSBK204.ZIP Workplace Shell Backup v2.04. Backs up .INI files and WPS for easy recovery.
WUZ11A.ZIP Workplace Shell UnZip v1.1A. Handles ARC, ARJ, LZH, TAR, Z and ZOO files.
YAOS07.ZIP YAOS (Yet Another OS/2 Shell) v0.7 - file name completion, history of previously used commands, ability to change directory to any [drive:\directory], aliases.
YRN2_060.ZIP YARN v0.60 - SOUP compatible offline mail reader with database for Internet and UseNet offline mail handling.
ZIPME11.ZIP ZipMe v1.1. Manage ZIP files, supports InfoZip for OS/2.
ZOC121.ZIP OS/2 PM Terminal program. Adds a sort of host mode.
ZPARS102.ZIP Zparse 32bit Version7 Nodelist Compiler. Designed to work with BinkleyTerm 2.50. Fast and Highly Configurable. Gamma 1 Release.